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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Howl, Howl I said.....

So there I was fast asleep last night and I heard this noise on the balcony outside.  As you know us canines have to protect our housekeepers from danger and intruders so up I got to have a good sniff near the front door.

Sure enough there was something out there!  I barked and barked and finally the Misses woke up...howl...howl...howl..  I said. God these humans never listen to us dogs.......

Once let outside I got it!   

Then I get told off..........there's no pleasing some people

The Misses then woke the Guv up, he was not that pleased either as he had to go outside and rescue the dumb bird, who by now is sitting proudly on the balcony railings...(see I never really hurt it)

Mind you that will teach it to come inside our balcony screens and try to steal my food......

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