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Sunday, 13 July 2014

100 years ago.....

OK so once again I got this English language wrong!   After the morning walk the Guv said we were off to see some MOGS, now I know the Misses always refer to the four legged hated felines as "Mogs", so GREAT I thought I get to see a load of cats and that means I get to chase them!

Now how was I supposed to know the Guv uses the word MOG to describe Morgan sports cars?  So as I was to learn it was a trip to the Morgan factory in Malvern (not far from where my people used to live) as they were holding a celebration open day, celebrating 100 years since Morgan moved to the Pickersleigh Road factory.  By the way the guy in the photo above talking to me is one of the workers at the factory......he did not look 100 years old though!

I know the Guv really wanted to take this 3 wheeler home but it only had two seats and that would mean leaving the Misses behind.

I actually thought this cream and red was pretty good, two seats and just enough room for me to fit in behind them.

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