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Friday, 1 June 2018

Not a good week

I'm extremely sad, this has not been a good week at all. It started with the Guv getting a message from one of his friends that the canine (Paris) who looked after them had died.  Then later this week I get told one of my Facebook canine friends (Rhea, pictured below) had also died.  Rhea had not been well for some time but the people she looked after returned that care over many, many months sadly though Rhea's kidneys failed and she left to join our other canine friends over  "Rainbow Bridge" 

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  1. Hi sweet Rosie!! Hang on on there my little pet...all doggies go to heaven, become our guardian angels, so be sure your mates are happy and fine. Take care now, on your summer walks, no chewing on smelly stuff and no sitting in the grass where flea nests are lurking ...Luv u lots