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Friday, 15 June 2018

Shame about the staff !

So when in Confolens my people decided to stop for lunch at the Logis Emeraude.  The Misses checked I would be allowed in the restaurant and the lady on the reception desk agreed....Great I thought!
The human eating place looked really nice inside but I don't think the head waiter liked me. Mind you whilst the food looked OK the Guv was not happy as first they forgot to bring my people their drinks and even after a reminder from the Misses in her best french they took a while arriving. Also after my people finished eating the main course it was so long trying to get the dessert, they gave up. Whats more on paying the head waiter could not be bothered to give the Guv the bit of small change owed....Guv did not like that!!!!! 

 It just took so long for the Guv to get his food I left sorry for him !

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