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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Back to normal..

Well it's back to normal and the Guv has repaired the computer so I'm able to do some blogging when he's not about !  I think I'll tell you about another place we went recently. It was a very hot day but here it was "chilli"

You see the town of Espelette is famous for chillies. The Guv told me that the Espelette pepper was imported from Mexico as long ago as 1650, that's even before the Guv was born !  Since June 2000, it has been the only French spice labeled AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée). I thought that meant  "Allowed all canines !

AOC Espelette pepper comes in 3 forms only:

chilli powder: the selected and hand-picked peppers are crushed after a natural ripening period of at least 15 days and an end of oven drying. Espelette pepper powder is orange to reddish brown in color.

chili pepper: the peppers are manually roped by 2, not 3 or 4 on a string of food from late August until late October.

in fresh whole chilli: exclusively reserved for processing.

Being a canine of course I rather a HOT DOG without chilli !

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