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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Their back (and so am I)

Now I bet you all wondered where I had got to and missed my blogs.............
Well you see the other week Mr Stop'it took me around to see my friend Pal, and left me there !  As I have said before I get looked after extremely well by Pal's people so I don't really mind staying with them but it would be nice to be given a bit of a warning my two were going to clear off again, and this only a few weeks after they went without me the last time. When I am with Pal we get taken out nearly every day early in the morning for a long walk in the fields. When we run about we often see men shooting and out with their dogs who chase the birds into the air.  I'm very good at that too, but I was not allowed to take part.
In my next blog I'll tell you what the Stop'its got up to on their holiday.......