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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Food parcels.....

Now as I said my people cleared off without me to the UK for nearly two whole weeks. You see whilst I get taken on the ferry they have never taken me on the airplane, Mr Stop'it says its just far too expensive and traumatic for me.  I really can't see why I can't ride in the cabin seats with them though on the aircraft, I am very good at sitting in a car seat and don't see much difference!  

Any how at least they came back with lots of food goodies for me which they can not buy in Greece.  By what I see I may just have enough to last me until I get to go to Britain with them next May!

Monday, 28 November 2011

They're back......

Well I have had a busy two weeks as the people who I look after left me at my friends Pal's house whilst they went off. Pal's people do look after me very well and every morning we went out for a long walk across fields and in the woods. I also met some other canine friends on our walks which we could play with. However, you see Pal is younger than me and I still have to teach him a thing or two.  He is getting better at barking and pretending to attack humans that pass his house, but he still is not as quick to react as I am.  Its actually great fun as many more humans walk pass his house than mine, and I love frightening the local Greeks!  Mind you I think Pal's people sometime get annoyed with us and we get told off.  Then we have our own back on them and chase through the garden wrecking their shrubs............

Now I'm back in my house and totally tired out, so I am going to have a nice long sleep

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Lest we forget.....

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I wear my poppy with pride.  I know Remembrance Day is about remembering humans that have given their lives in war time so we may live free today, but being canine I must ask you also to remember all of my ancestors that served and gave their lives as well.  Below I have attached some very interesting articles that many may not have considered.  My ancestors served the war effort in many, many ways often going places where humans could not, often sacrificing their lives to save that of their masters........

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Saturday, 5 November 2011

No fireworks for me..............

Well this is another odd custom you humans have I must say.  Celebrating by burning a "guy" and spending lots of money buying things to set on fire and make loud noises. If you want to burn something, why not buy lots of wood and coal and then I can benefit too by sleeping in front of a nice fire instead of sitting here thinking of all my poor canine friends back in Gt Britain being frightened to death by noisy fireworks......

I think it even more odd you all celebrate the death of poor old Guy Fawkes, after all he only tried to do what lots of you Brits want to do now

Burn the government out !!!!!!!