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Friday, 26 December 2014

Goodies galore

So Christmas morning after the beach run-a-bout was not bad after all. As you can see I got some goodies to play with and eat, and what's more 
"they're all mine!"

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Santa came............

Well as you can see Santa did visit us here in Greece last night


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

I'm ready......

I have decided that if I go to bed now Santa might come early, 
what do you think ?

Mean while I wish all canine, humans (oh and "some" felines)
a Very Merry Christmas

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A sunny morning out

click photo to enlarge

This morning it was off to Kalamata with my people, that meant a run-a-around a different beach area with "no nasties" for me to see.  Quiet a nice sunny morning as well so after shopping we went for breakfast at the yacht club, mind you I never got anything!  Still I know my people bought me lots of goodies for Christmas, and I don't have long to wait now (woof).....

Monday, 22 December 2014

A sad day.....

A bit sad this morning after the morning beach walk.  Whilst it was a good morning here in Greece, on my way back to the "poppymobile" I came across a local canine lying in the grass.  I ran up to greet him but found he did not move and on closer inspection he was not breathing!  I barked and barked and the Guv came running but I was hauled away and told to get in the poppymobile......
I then heard the Guv tell the Misses the dog had been poisoned.

I just know no-one will come and bury him, and the sick human who laid the poison will once again get away with it.........

The bright sunny day suddenly became mentally very overcast...............

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Be prepared...and know how

I thought today I would address my blog to all the people who my canine friends look after in the UK and more northern climes that are likely to suffer bad weather soon......

With the snow and ice expected the roads are likely to be gritted. If the friend who looks after you walks on gritted roads or paths then please make sure... their paws are washed by dipping their feet in fresh warm water once at home.

Every year hundreds of my canine friends become seriously ill and in some cases die because of the rock salt and antifreeze being used during the cold snap. Dogs and cats walk through the substances left by gritters trying to clear roads and human tin box drivers defrosting their windscreens which they then lick off their paws and ingest. Consuming rock salt can cause dehydration, liver failure and pancreatitis while antifreeze contains the chemical ethylene glycol which can cause kidney failure and death when consumed. Please be vigilant and treat your best friend to a foot bath after being outside.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Learn to say Hello....γεια σας.

I was out with the Guv the other day and as normal he stopped to have a coffee in the human eating place in Kalamata.  Now being the good looking dog I am I often attract attention and very often this is from young humans.  It never fails to amaze me just how many of the younger humans do not know how to approach us dogs, so for this reason I asked the Guv to try and translate the leaflet below so you can share it.....

(mind you I'm not too sure about his translations......)

click on photo to enlarge

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

If dogs could talk

There are times when us canines do things we really are sorry about, the problem is some of you humans just don't understand our I found this short video to help you understand.....(click on the link below)

Saturday, 13 December 2014

I'm poorly

I am not feeling to well today.  Whilst I did go out this morning for my daily beach run-a-bout, and it was a beautiful morning, in fact so warm the Guv never had to put a coat on,.  On our return the  Guv forced me to take some "worming tablets" and I DON"T LIKE THEM......He has this sadistic streak in him and every three months he does the same.  Try as I might not to swallow he just will not let me spit them out!

So I'm just going to sleep this off and dream about how I can get my own back on him.....

Friday, 12 December 2014

A winter warning

I was looking at the Guv's Facebook photo yesterday (the big one at the top of his page not the Guv's photo on the left....that's too much to ask !), and I thought with winter snows about many of you humans will be putting antifreeze in your tin boxes on wheels.....

Now not all of my canine friends, and actually most of my feline friends (because cats are far more dull anyway), can read.  Also some of you humans do not realise that antifreeze is REALLY poisonous for us.  Now I know you would not intentionally leave it around, but you see its sweet smell and flavour can really be an attraction, sort of like the Guv leaving chocolates on the table and expecting the Misses not to eat them   (lol).  Leaving things in easy reach can be SO KEEP IT SAFE........

Thursday, 11 December 2014

I had a message

Well what a surprise!  I got up this morning to write my blog and I had a very special message waiting for me from Father for all of you who read my blog I would like to share what Father Christmas told me......

Just click the link I have added and I'll let you .......

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Its a boar

Some of you will know a long, long time ago when the Guv was young he went to college in London just around the corner from Smithfield meat market. Well when there he studied some sort of useless human things but also spent time taking part in studies of meat pricing and that was far more useful for when he has to sort my dinners out!

In any case he was telling the Misses about the parade of Butchers that occurs each year at this time.  You see this year is the sixtieth anniversary of the revival of this arcane tradition which has its origin in 1343 when the Lord Mayor, John Hamond, granted the Butchers of the City of London use of a piece of land by the Fleet River, where they could slaughter and clean their beasts, for the token yearly payment of a Boar’s Head at Christmas.

When the Guv was there the boars head was real meat (now that's what would interest me), however today because of stupid human health & safety laws the butchers have to parade a plastic head.......I wonder if it squeaks if I bite it?  

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Well blow me!

Its was certainly a bit windy during my walk today, but still quite warm.  As the Guv was going to the tooth doctor (or was it tooth fairy, well something like that) my run was on West Beach instead of the normal local beaches.  Whilst we were there the Guv actually had the cheek to give away some of my food! Still perhaps I should not complain as the canine he gave it to was a stray, not bad looking either, I think the Guv is trying to find someone to adopt him. 
( the stray that is, no one would want the Guv !)