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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Remember us also.......

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I know the 11th September is a day for humans to remember fellow humans that gave their life for our freedom........but as a canine I must ask you also to give a thought for your "best friend" that also played a vital part...........

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Back to normal

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Well life is now back to normal for me here in Greece after my three month tour of Europe.  Most mornings start with a brush down and a walk on the  beach or through the olive groves.  This time of year though the harvest has just started and that means I'm not normally permitted to run and pester the its beach, beach and more beach. Still there's enough space for me on here.......

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I would have savaged them !

Now as I was saying the gypsies "nearly" got into the human kennel. They failed only because the Guv and I got there in time to chase them off!  You see despite the Guv being nearly the same figure in years as he is legally allowed to tow the human kennel at in speed terms, he ran just about as quick !

I was ready to jump in through the window they had taken out, as the Guv ran around to open the door, just in case there were more "gyps" inside, but no thankfully they never got in at all.......
The Greek police were  called as we would have been able to recognise the people responsible, but a message came back that they could not get there for another 3 hours as they were busy catching real criminals!

Let me tell you if I had got them the police would have been quicker as a savaged body of a gypsy might have caused a bit of interest !!!!!!

Monday, 5 November 2012

On guard permanently now...

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On our drive from Patra to my home in the South Peloponnese the Guv and the Misses decided to stop at Zacharo for breakfast, something we have done in the past.  You see the Guv knows a nice little cafe where he can get an English breakfast and French coffee.

Whilst we were there in the cafe some  gypsy boys came and tried to make friends with me......I soon sorted them out, so off they went.  However not long afterwards the Guv spotted them again, (well one of them at least) circling on his bike not too far from where the car park was where we parked the "Poppymobile" and human kennel on wheels.  Now the Guv is a bit quick thinking and seeing one of the boys was missing took off with me in the lead running to the car park!

Good job he did as the Bas":*&s had broken open the human kennel window and were going to rob us!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Home at last....

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Finally we got off the ferry and I'm back in my homeland (Greece). The Guv decided not to rush down to my house but to camp again at Kalo Alysos just outside Patra.  In fact we drove from Igoumenitsa, stopped for a drink and walk about on the way, set up camp in Kato Alysos went to the beach front for a walk about and saw our ferry just approaching Patra....we certainly beat it!