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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Off without me !

Not much happened over the next few days, but then all of a sudden suit cases appeared and got put in the car. The four humans soon followed, and as normal the human with the mustache got in the driving seat. My worry was I was not included! I really thought they were going to leave me this time, as no one had replied to the web advert.
I had a quick look around the place and all the chairs were left out together with my bucket of water and quite allot of food for me, certainly more than I could eat in one sitting. Now I have a very good nose for smells, and this time "I smelled at rat".
I sat at the top of the steps and watched them go, they even locked me in by closing the gates.....I was being held prisoner!!!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Second hand Rose.......

Well my own chair, being fed and Mrs blond human getting me a new collar, I think I'm made! The following morning however I got quite a bit upset as I heard the humans talking about putting me on the web. Now I hate spiders and the thought of being put amongst spider webs certainly did not appeal. Later the human with the mustache took some photos of me. I followed him into the basement area of the house (I was allowed in there now I had been wormed and de-flead), and I saw he put my photos on a local cam board site advertising me!!!! (From this I learned about computer webs)......he wanted to give me away!
I had tried to look after them in return for my food, but even after being named ROSIE, it looked like I was to become a "second hand Rose" AGAIN.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Shamed, but then NAMED......

OK, so I now find out that the older human used to be a gun dog trainer so I guess he knows a thing or two about us canines. Under the circumstances I decided to let him give me the worming tablets and I got sprayed with some powder that was to stop me itching.
I think this was to be a good day as no one had ever looked after me like that before, Mrs blond human also put a small chair on the balcony for me with some cloths on. I guess that was to stop me sitting on the comfortable sun chairs the humans use. Mrs blond person also very rudely remarked about my pink nose (I know lots of dogs have black noses, but I'm different), and announced to all she was going to call me ROSIE.......

Sunday, 28 March 2010

They all came back

Time passed quite quickly really and I heard the sound of a car approaching. You see where these humans live, whilst in a small Greek village the only access to the house is down a small lane and through the big black gates. They had left the gates open, I think they thought I would leave whilst they were out, but I had nowhere to go. On their arrival I just know they were surprised to see me.....I ran to meet them.

The problem was I was still itching and having to scratch like mad and I do not think the humans liked it. The older male human seemed to take a bit of interest in me and after a while he and the younger male went off in the car again.

After a while they returned and made the announcement they had "got the worming tablets and flea powder". Now the way they looked at me I just knew I was in for it !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

I'm left alone........

To my joy the humans I found did not take me to the mountains and dump me, but I was taken back to their house and left to my own devices. So I thought I had better behave myself and keep out of their way. (Perhaps they will let me stay). The problem was I was itching like mad, the older male human talked about me getting worms! Now I do not know what humans do with worms but I did not like the idea of me having to get worms for him !!!!!

Later in the day they all got in a blue car and went to leave me. I panicked and chased the car through the gates, down the lane and through the village, but it was far too fast for me in the feeble condition I was in. I thought they had gone and I was alone again. I made my way back to their house, just in case they came back. At least there was water and a chair to sleep on for me............

Friday, 26 March 2010

Who wants me?

The next morning when the humans got up I was still there, I was given a bit of food and then one of the male humans tied a bit of rope on me and the blond lady took me into the village. She asked some people if they knew where I came from and if I was their dog. Now I was not used to being walked on a rope and I pulled and pulled until the blond person let me loose. In the distance I seen some other people and a child, I ran to see them, but they kicked out at me, so I soon ran back to the blond human!
One of the village people Mrs blond person spoke to told her I had been "dumped" from a car, and she should take me into the mountains and do the same to get rid of me............oh no not again !

Thursday, 25 March 2010

I get fed !!!!

Then my prayers were answered, rather than being beaten and kicked away the blond lady went into the house and brought me some food, I had just enough energy to eat. Now the other three humans seemed rather concerned about my scratching and biting myself, but it was the only way to stop the fleas etc. from itching. Since being "dumped" I guess I had become a bit dirty and bedraggled, I had tried to keep clean but truthfully its was not the most important thing on my mind.

After I ate I just collapsed at the top of the stairs on the humans balcony, it was quite a warm day and it looked as if they were not going to bother me.......I slept and slept and slept. During the night I woke a bit cold (the humans were nowhere to be seen), now as they had left some chairs out I found myself a chair with a cushion and had the best nights sleep for months.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

So I got brave !

I decided to enter through the big black gates and make my way to where the human voices were coming from. As I walked up the steps to the balcony I peeped around the corner and saw them ! At first I was not noticed, then the younger blond female human saw me..........should I run or risk being kicked get again by a human; I froze in my tracks.
She looked down at me and spoke nicely (one down three to go I thought), the other three did not seem to bad either, they just looked.
I had been on the road for nearly 10 weeks, I really could not go on anymore so I just laid down and hoped for the best !

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I'm back !!

Well I'm back off my holidays after staying with PAL and the couple he looks after.

The story of my life will recommence tomorrow,
hope you join me !