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Saturday, 29 June 2013

School time.....

After my early beach run-a-bout we returned home and my housekeepers decided to invite my friend REX in to play.  Just what is the Guv trying to do to me, totally wear me out looking after these young pups!

Huh, Rex never knew what was coming though......first the Guv gave him a good brush down (I just kept out the way on the balcony), and then it was lesson time!

click on photo to enlarge
Rex's mistress (the human one that lives next door) can hardly hold onto him on his lead, the Guv say I'm a puller (think he meant pulling on the lead, not pulling canine mates!) but you should see Rex, he's the Greek tug of war champion!

click on photo to enlarge
Soon my Governor had him sorted though, mind you it cost me.........they were my markies!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Not much to say......

click on photo to enlarge

Not really much to tell you all about at present.  Days are hot and dry, the beach walk takes place each day very early (this photo was taken this morning during my run-a-bout at around 7.00am), and I just laze about in the coolest place I can find.

Monday, 24 June 2013

I scream, you scream, we all like......... ICE CREAM

As I said in an earlier blog it is rather hot here now so beach run-a-bouts are even earlier for the Guv and me.  Then it's back home, pull the shutters down and hide in the dark.....

That is until the Misses gives me something to keep me cool..................

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I'm not the first ...

Whilst I know the Guv understood about us canines and I had heard him talk about other dogs I had never seen pictures of any of his previous canine friends. So yesterday I decided to have a "mooch" around in the humans cupboards.  I found a few old photos he had stashed away!

Not a bad looking hunk of a dog, now how come I can't find a friend 
like that here in Greece?

Jason. the "ton up kid" (and that was just his weight!)
(oh yes and the Guv's sister..mind you a few years ago !!)

Monday, 17 June 2013

"Its too darn HOT"

Its up even earlier each morning at present for my beach walk as the days get even hotter.  The Guv was up and about at 0615hrs (courtesy of ME), and out on the beach by 0700hrs our our walk.  With temperatures now near 40C on the balcony all a girl can do is sunbathe later in the day..........

As Cole Porter said in "Kiss me Kate"   .........."It's too  darn hot"

Friday, 14 June 2013

Hectic Thursday

Well what a hectic day I had yesterday.  The morning started with my  normal run-a-bout on Risomilos beach but then is was off to see my mate Pal and his housekeepers.  After that my people decided to go shopping in Kalamata and have lunch at the marina. Now I like going there as well because when we sit outside undercover I can see all around the harbour at what is going on.

What's more this time my people met a lady called Lucy and she had a canine friend with her as well.  Now it might have been only small and only one year old but it was initially not too friendly with me, but we soon sorted that out!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Trip "up north"

The trip "up north" on Evia was quite a long drive, but as normal the Guv always stops for me to have a wander about and a drink. The photo below is of Limni where my people stopped for their refreshments.

This is my last blog about Evia, but don't worry I'll find something else to tell you about!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

We go to see Kymi

Sometimes I do get things wrong!   Now I know you will be very surprised to hear that knowing what an intelligent Greek canine I am, but it does occasionally happen.....

This was just one of those times.  I heard the Guv say we were going to see KIMI, and knowing just how much my people enjoy F1 Grand Prix I was quite excited that I would meet Kimi Raikonen here in Greece........WRONG KIMI !!!

Where we went was the seaside village of KYMI.  Still it was quite interesting and whilst my people enjoyed their coffee and cakes I met two new canine friends.  Needless to say KYMI was no where near as "fast & busy" as a GP track.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Amarthinos and Karthisos

After a long day we stopped at the beach in Amarthinos, so I could have a good sniff around. My people always find nice quiet beaches so I can have a run-a-bout as I am not allowed on tourist beaches between May and October.

Another harbour visit and coffee stop for us.  This is the southern town of Karthisos. Whilst it was good to see there were lots of road works going on.

Monday, 10 June 2013

We go to Marmari

click on photos to enlarge

Marmari, south on the island was another small port my people and I went to. Once again my needs were looked after and there was plenty of places where I could run around.  From Marmari there is a ferry across to Rafinia and I know the Guv thought of taking this on the way back home (so it must have been cheap!) it happens he changed his mind though.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Night harbour

I could not stop the Guv from singing !!!!!

Home Loving Man by Roger Whittaker on Grooveshark 
Click on the far left play button and join in 

The harbour lights were shining, 
The moon was at it's high. 
The captain said, "Thank God we're home! 
We've drunk the barrels dry." 
The mizzen mast was shaken, 
And the lanterns all burned low, 
I'd never thought we'd make it 
But we've twenty leagues to go 
So blow you southern trades 
And guide me safely to the shore, 
I'll never ever gonna sail 
The seven seas no more 

I don't want to miss the sand in my hair, 
The roll of the tide and the salt in the air 
Deep inside it's true 
I'm a home lovin' man 
Comin' on home to you 
I don't want to miss the wind in my eyes, 
The shimmerin' light when the seagull flies 
Lo, I've traveled far 
I'm a home loving man, 
Home is where you are 

The crowd upon the quayside 
Their faces long and drawn 
Are suddenly awakened 
As we sail in on the dawn 
The wives, the sons, the lovers, 
Who never gave up hope 
All breathe a sigh together 
As they reach to catch the rope 

God bless you, southern trades, 
You got me safely back this time 
Oh, you'll never have the need again 
To save this soul of mine 

Yes, I don't want to miss the sand in my hair, 
The roll of the tides and the salt in the air 
Deep inside it's true 
I'm a home lovin' man 
Comin' on home to you... 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lets go to the harbour

 click on any photo to enlarge

I thought you might like to see some photographs the Guv took of the fishing trawlers and the harbour close up.  As I said we could see the harbour from our balcony window and each night watched the ships go out.

This one is all loaded up with polystyrene boxes ready to receive the catch after gutting and being iced down.  Immediately on return to the harbour they will be off loaded and off to the Athens fish market. 

The smaller boats tend to sell their catch locally, both on the harbour and around the villages.  Before I got there the harbour was a cats paradise, but I soon sorted that !!!!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Happy birthday "Misses"

Its the "Misses" birthday today !


As I was saying yesterday from our room in Agioi Apostoli when I went out onto the balcony I had a great view.  The small fishing village is still very active and boats went out each night returning the following morning with their catch. Mind you these were not the small fishing boats like I see where we live in Messini.  I heard the Guv say that most of the catch went to Athens to be sold. 

I learnt something new though.  The larger boats are not allowed to fish during a full moon but the smaller boats can.  So for the four nights of the full moon the big  boats had to stay in the bay.
I guess like me you could say they had four nights 
"baying at the moon".

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Stop that barking !

My housekeeper asked to me blog and tell you this !

Do you shout at your doggy friend when it barks!
Temping isn't it to shout NO...or STOP etc....
If you do all too often we will interpret this as you the human joining in our  barking
and actually condoning what we are doing

Wild canine adults do not bark much because silence is necessary when hunting; noises may alert potential prey to the pack’s whereabouts and scare the evening’s dinner away. Pups and adolescents in the wild have not yet learned the necessity of quiet hunting and may bark at inappropriate times. When adolescents accompany their elders on a hunt and sound off unnecessarily, a dominant wolf will place his mouth over the pup’s muzzle, firmly but without actually biting, and issue a soft growl that can only be heard nearby. The young canine understands this signal and gets quiet quickly.

Humans can communicate with us dogs in much the same manner, but we must be near you for this to work. When your canine friend starts barking without provocation, gently slip your left hand under his collar at the back of his neck to immobilize his head. Steadily lift up on his collar with your left hand as you fold your right hand over his muzzle. Do not pinch his jaws shut, that’s not the purpose. You are simply communicating with your dog here. As you gently press his muzzle, quietly and unemotionally but firmly say, "Quiet." This action mimics the communication between wild dogs, and it should be fairly easy for your friend to understand what you are asking of him.

You may need to repeat this silencing maneuver many times before your dog friend responds to your satisfaction. Depending on your consistency and the breed,(as some of us are cleverer than others) it may take anywhere from a half dozen to several dozen repetitions before your dog friend associates the calmly stated, "Quiet" command with a request to stop barking.

We arrive on Evia

After we left Corinth it was another long drive; my people decided to go via Thives instead of along the motorway around Athens. We crossed the bridge at Chalkida onto the island of Evia.

Once again my people chose well, we all had a great welcome (mind you the Guv could not find the place and the owner had to come to the harbour to get us!), but once there we were given a room with a great view from the balcony.  That meant I had a prime position to keep watch from...

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

We stop and get watered....

The first stop we made on our trip this time was Corinth where my people got fed!  Me, well I was walked and watered.......

I am told this big hole (above) was dug out by humans to let ships through. All I could think of is just how long it must have taken as when my friend Pal comes to see me (or I go to his house), it takes us ages to dig holes around the garden to annoy our people......

At one end of this hole, I think you humans call it a canal, there was a  very clever road bridge. Instead of going up to let the ships through, it sank into the water and the ships went over it..........brilliant you humans!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

The long and winding road.......

I am always pleased to be taken out
for a ride in my housekeeper's car

I sit and watch the road ahead
'Cos the "Guv" really can't see that far....

Some days though are long and hard
and  I get really dozy

So in my hammock I snuggle down
and become a contented Rosie !