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Monday, 31 August 2015

Off we jolly well go....

So it was another early morning start for us and off we headed for England via the "tube under the sea".  The Guv had planned the poppymobile in for its regular annual health check at the car doctors he uses just five minutes drive from the English end of the tunnel.

The "all clear" was given after the poppymobile had one of its "eyes" replaced (should have gone to Specsavers !), and it was off to see the Guv's relatives in Essex.

Then we got to the dreaded Dartford Tunnel, I remembered this from my previous visit to Britain, and yes it was queued as normal........6 miles of stop - start traffic and the Misses had fallen asleep.   I can tell you I was only just staying awake myself.....

Sunday, 30 August 2015

I'm bored

I'm bored !   Just as I said in my previous blog I knew things were up.  Now I really like a ride in the poppymobile with my people, but I think this time the Guv travelled in one day a bit too far.

A full days drive from our home in France to a human kennel for the night near the tube that let trains go under the water.  Then early the next day off onto the train with the poppymobile and into England......

I'll tell you more tomorrow

Saturday, 22 August 2015

I was fooled....

OK, my people fooled me!  After the normal morning walk with the Guv we went out in the "poppymobile" to a place I had not been before, it was only after I was inside did I realise it was the local "Dog Doctor".  Now once again the Guv and the Misses seem to want to cause me pain for no reason.  I am not unwell yet I get taken to the doc's and stuck with a needle AGAIN!

Now I know it's not time yet for the annual vaccinations I am forced to have, so what is this all about I ask myself?

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


What a difference summer makes to a place! My people and I went to St Aulaye, a place only a few miles from our home here in France for lunch today.  Now the last time we were there it was winter and as you will see from the bottom photo there was no one around.  

Today humans were swimming in the river and small humans playing on the beach.  The larger humans were throwing some sort of heavy silver balls in the sand.  If they thought I was running to fetch them they had better think again....

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Dig it !

So as you know the Guv has taken up some of the floor inside the house now he has decided some of the garden has to be moved as well !  I thought I'd take a good look at this digging machine whilst nobody is around. It actually does even a better job at digging holes than my Greek mate Pal does !    

Friday, 14 August 2015

The secret room.....

Well I have not been "blogging" for a few days as I have had to keep an eye on the Guv finishing the "rain room", (by the way it's still not finished as he is waiting for a bath to arrive from the U.K.).

Meanwhile he and the Misses decided to sort out one of the other human "secret rooms".  I say secret because when they go in there I'm not allowed to go with them, mind you I do try....but they close the door!   However today I managed I get a look inside, you think it plays "God Save the Queen" if I sit on it ?

OK it didn't  !


Friday, 7 August 2015

Flower power

Well the Guv is still working in the rain room however I think he's nearly finished laying all the floor & wall tiles now, I'll let you know on my next blog. The Misses is in the garden doing bits of, well gardening things and generally leaving a mess with bits of cut off trees and bushes!  Me, I thought I'd get a bit of "flower power" and just watch..............

Sunday, 2 August 2015

He's losing it !

Yes I think the Guv is "losing it!"  I've told you what has been happening recently in the rainroom, now the Guv is putting a floor on the walls.....!

In saying that it does look quite good, but I do wish he would hurry up and finish it so I can have some peace around here....