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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Going to see Pal.....

After our return home Mr Stop'it took a few days to sort out the "kennel on wheels". I was glad really as I had time to root around and find all those old bones I had hidden in the garden. The best digging places are where my people have put the automatic watering systems around the plants. The rest of the garden is now far too hard for me to dig in!
Talking of digging, the other day we went out and I was taken to see my friend Pal, now we always have great fun together running about and playing chase. I keep him chasing me as not to be seen to be too easy! He also had buried bones so I let him do the digging up and supervised (see photo)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

We're off back home

After my people seen their friends ship leave we made our way back to the campsite as we had planned to stay another day. However the temperature was over 40 C and Mrs Stop'it suggested we go back home early rather than suffer the heat. I was very pleased as it meant I did not have to spend the day under the caravan again!
Mr Stop'it planned a different route home through Argos, as to return the way we came would have meant over 20 kilometers of very steep hills and he said something about the Picasso getting overheated. "Overheated" I thought now I can tell him a thing or two about that feeling !

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Goodbye Shelia & Mike

Humans I know never understand us canines and how we greet and say goodbye to one another. Now until the other day I thought I understood what humans did when they met and said goodbye, but it appears I was wrong. Whilst my people seemed to follow the ritual I thought was correct, it appears there are other rituals I never knew about!

You see when Shelia and Mike met their "ship people" the greeting was to hold their hands out and get them sprayed with some chemical water or stuff. (see the photo) Talking of spraying, Mr Stop'it does that to me sometimes, he says its to stop bugs from biting me and it makes me smell better.....the cheek of him! Hey maybe thats why they sprayed Sheila & Mike....(nah, they smelt OK), anyway odd ritual.

It took quite a bit of time for them to get back to their ship as they had to queue for the tender. Mr & Mrs Stop'it and I watched the tenders go back and forth and then get hoisted up back into position before the ship set off to its next destination. It was a very big ship called the Norwegian Gem. I could see it even had a pretend rock face behind the funnel to climb, I wonder if it had pretend trees and grass for us dogs?
Anyway, goodbye Mike & Sheila until I see you on my trip to Britain.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

As I was not allowed to chase cats or play with other dogs I had no other option but to make myself a nuisance and climb all over Mr Stop'it whilst he was chatting to his friend Mike. It was quite a hot day, in fact the temperature exceeded 40 C, so I was glad of the shade offered by the cafe canopies, and as always Mr Stop'it seen I was alright for water to drink. I was not hungry so politely refused some of the bacon offered me from the humans sandwich,I guess British dogs never do this as Sheila,the female UK human was very surprised I refused food, but you see us girls must watch our weight! However the humans devoured the biggest club sandwich and chips I have ever seen!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

UK friends visit

As I was saying the main reason my people went to Nafplion was to meet up with some of the friends from the UK. Lucky for me they really adored dogs, so I was well in! As I understand it Sheila and Mike live not far from where my people do in Wales, and the British lady human was a volunteer with Mr & Mrs Stop'it in the St. John Ambulance in Britain.
The humans had lots to talk about and we spent some time on a cafe terrace in Epidavros harbour where I was most interested in a few cats and dogs I saw, but I was kept on a leash by Mr Stop'it...........sometimes he's no fun!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Places we went to.....

Now the main purpose of going to Nafplion was so that Mr & Mrs Stop'it could meet their friends from Herefordshire who were due to dock on a cruise liner they were holidaying on. However prior to that we went off in the 'blue tin box on wheels' to have a look around the area. There was lots to see and some very nice harbours like the one in the pictures of Epidavros port, where I was allowed to sit on the terrace with my people as they enjoyed a frappe. I was given a drink of water also.....
We then went to Tolon, now theres a place my people did not like, I heard Mr Stop'it say its was too night cluby and OK for the young people I'm only two & a half, and in human years that makes me a teenager.....and I really come alive at night, I just love to bark, growl and howl the night away !!!!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

I had a friend in BEN.........

We had a few visits from Big Ben throughout our stay on the camp site and as I was saying earlier Big Ben was getting too friendly for my liking. One morning at 6am when Mr Stop'it and I were going out for our early morning walk he turned up and came as well. Now there are some things girls just have to do first thing in the morning without their male friends watching, but did that bother Ben? Oh no, he just followed us about through the fields. So I had no option, and in public to!

So to get my own back on Big Ben I am going to show all of you just how soft he really is.......

Saturday, 19 June 2010

A new friend

After looking at a few sites my people found one that had lots of space. When we arrived I knew the owner of the site liked dogs because he had four dogs on the site of his own. Now if we were to stay there I had to make sure they knew just who was going to be boss!
I must say however the first time the "tribe" came to see me I got a bit worried, now one at a time I can handle, but four against one is not good odds.....I kept close to Mr Stopit.
Later that day the biggest of the tribe came around alone, we had a controlled meeting and I found him quite OK, but he did not want to play with me though. We did not know his name so Mrs Stop'it called him BIG BEN. Actually I felt quiet sorry for him, he looked like a big bear and had masses of fur so he must have been very hot. Also he needed a good brush, as his fur was in some places too matted and coming out. Still he was very fact too friendly with Mr Stop'it in my eyes because Mr Stop'it gave him some of my food!

Friday, 18 June 2010

My home for a few days

Well Mr Stop'it hitched up the mobile kennel and off we went. It was probably the longest trip I have ever had, but Mr Stop'it did stop for me to go, well you know what!
It was a good job the motorised tin box on wheels had air conditioning in it because the outside temperature was in the 40's and I could very easily had become a "hot-dog"
My people looked at a few camp sites and ruled out several on the beach front in Deprano, Mrs Stop'it said "you couldn't swing a cat between the caravans"....I thought if we find somewhere she could do that would be GREAT FUN for me !!!!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

He got me wet !

I told you I am not allowed in the main house, and when I get taken in there I know I'm in for it! THE WASHING CUBICLE
Guess we must be going somewhere nice because I got a real good shower. I must admit I was a bit dirty and probably smelly as its now very hot here and I know Mr Stop'it complains when I get grease and oil on me from lying under the car or caravan. I actually did not mind it once I was wet theres very little a girl can do but to stand and accept a good lathering and hair wash. Mrs Stop'it took photos of me when I was still wet, I'm not going to show you those though, sort of a "Girl in a wet (hairy) T-shirt porn!"
So I'm ready for tomorrow and my holidays!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Lots of activity about....

Over the last 48 hours there has been lots of activity around the house and my peoples mobile kennel. Now the last time this happened we all went away for a few days, and I am pleased to see one of my sleeping baskets being put in their kennel. I think that means I get to go as well !
I'm glad I do not have to help doing all that loading as the temperature is in the high 30's, far too hot for a dog to work. Now you might recall I am not allowed in the human kennel upstairs but I can go into the basement living area. A few weeks ago my people had air conditioning put in there also, so for today I think I'll crash out in their air-conditioned kennel in preparation for my adventures.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Pups ????

Now the other day my people went off in the blue tin box on wheels and never took me! Some time later they returned and I think the blue box has had a pup! A small green tin box on wheels arrived for Mrs Stop'it.
I had a good sniff around it and I have decided its ideal for Mrs Stop'it and ME. I was therefore even more pleased when Mr Stop'it put one of my cover sheets over the rear seats, that means I CAN GO OUT IN IT as well......

Saturday, 5 June 2010

A BAD night

This morning I am somewhat a tired dog! After several weeks of sunny days last night we had a very noisy thunder and lightening storm. Now there are a lot of things I do not worry about but I don't like thunder. Every time I saw a big flash I barked at it and IT BARKED BACK. I think I got on the nerves of Mrs Stop'it because in the very early hours of the morning she came and sat on the balcony with me for a bit. I think her intentions were good, but she is as afraid as I was, so that did not comfort me much!
Mrs Stop'it went back into bed when the thunder stopped, but it came back.....I managed to open the front door by jumping at the handle, but that brought Mr Stop'it out. He was OK though and stayed with me on the couch on the balcony for a bit....I buried my head in his lap and kept my eyes shut until it all went away.......

Friday, 4 June 2010

More trouble I'm in !

Sometimes I just do not understand my people! The other day we had a lizard in the basement and after me watching it for hours because it got into the motor area of the deep freezer, Mr Stop'it got it out and threw it over the fence into the next field. Now that tells me lizards are not welcome...
This morning it came back, so I sorted it!
It was on its way up the stairs to my sleeping area on the balcony, so quick as a flash I got it...took it into the garden and made one large bright green lizard THREE! It would not come back now.....
Then Mr Stop'it shouts at me, takes the bits of lizard off me and throws them over the fence into the field. He would not talk to me for hours. So what did I do wrong?
I got rid of the lizard for them, could have had a tasty snack for free, and I get told off !!!!!!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

I got a medal !

I did not feel too well for the rest of the day after I had my injections at the vets, so I took it easy in the basement on the sofa. Now I remember telling you all I was bought a new collar for being so brave, and guess what I got a medal as well.
If you look close you can see the red disk points to the arrow on the top showing my anti rabies injection is valid until 5.2011. Now that lets me travel with the Stop'its through Europe..Oh yes, all except Gt Britain! I think it is about time they started banning human immigration there not picked on us canines!