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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Off to see Pal.............

Twice in one week with my mate Pal is most unusual. Yesterday the Stop'its took me out in the "blue tin box on wheels", once we got near the village I recognise as where Pal has his kennel I knew where we were going. What however did surprise me is that my people left me there with Pal and his man servant! Now when that happens its normally because they go back to their kennel in the UK, I was therefore amazed that after a few hours the Stop'its reappeared. I gave them a good going over and could sniff they had been with another dog!
Listening to the conversation I learnt they had been visiting some other friends, who I have met when they came to my kennel, but I have not met the canine that looks after them.....I guess as I was left with Pal, I'm not going to either.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


It was just as well I had a shower the other day as all of a sudden my mate "Pal" turned up with his man servant. Well a girl doesn't want to be caught not at her best, does she? It was a very hot day so whilst we did run about and play, it was far too hot to stay active all day.....
Now I think I told you before Pal is really a canine replacement for a vacuum cleaner......he eats anything! I had some old biscuits in one of my dishes, well I did have for about five minutes after his arrival. You would think he is never fed, but as I often stay with him and his people I know that to be far from the truth....and just look how big he is!
I let him have the biscuits, and I even let him clean the grass up of my left over meaty bits, but then he wanted my rawhide bone.......OH NO! I'm keeping that for myself, he can just watch me chew it.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Dirty Dog !!

Now you will recall I told you all that sometimes when we go out to the beach I love to roll in the sand and dirt especially where there are good smells? Well yesterday I think I excelled myself! Mr & Mrs Stop'it took me out to the beach at Messini, but as you now know in the summer time us dogs are not allowed on the beaches so Mr Stop'it found a remote bit of beach away from the tourists. The problem he said was it was a bit near the municipal rubbish tip.
YES ...I thought great, loads of smells !!!!!!
When we got out of the "blue tin box on wheels" it was heaven. I found some great smelling bones and loads of red dust to roll and play in. I do not think Mr Stop'it was that amused however when I returned looking like a miniature Red Setter!
So when we got home I was in for it, the dreaded shower! Still it was worth it.......

Monday, 19 July 2010

You can take a dog to water...........

Now as I was saying the weather here is very, very hot, in fact just too hot for us dogs. The thermometer on our balcony shows 38 C in the shade !!!
Mr & Mrs Stop'it however just have not got it that despite this I HATE water! Now I love to go to the beach and have a run about and dig, finding new smells to roll about in, providing the sand is not too hot. I wish humans would remember us dogs do not have shoes like they do. If you want to try and find out how hot sand can be on my paws, try taking your shoes off and walking on the beach sand in a temperature above 40 C. But back to this water thing, as I said I HATE it,and to go in the sea NO NO NO!
Its bad enough when Mr Stop'it gets it into his head that I need a shower, or he decides to "hose pipe" me when he waters the garden! The other day there I was looking at this long green plastic pipe, having a good sniff at the end and all of a sudden I jumped out of my fur.....the bug@#$ turned the water on !!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Its HOT............

Now it may be very hot but there is NO WAY I'm wearing one of those to go to the beach !

Monday, 12 July 2010

Pictures of ME !!!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

On guard !

Over the last few nights Mr Stop'it has come and told me off about barking and running around the perimeter of the land. If I continue then he ties me up with my rope and I have to go to sleep on the balcony. Now I do not mind being tied, I had become used to that in my earlier life. I was never allowed to be loose like I am now and have fun when I was with Mr Greek, but that was life before I got "dumped"
However it took me a few nights before I could make Mr Stop'it realise why I was barking. After coming out in the night (well early hours of the morning really) to see what I was up to on a few occasions, he finally seen it. Caught in the beam of his flashlight...... Quite a big fox for these parts after our neighbours chickens. Once my foxy friend seen Mr Stop'it it was gone, but it still comes back some nights to try its luck......
I just make sure the neighbourhood knows about it !