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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

My people were out late last night and I was allowed to go as well!  The problem is nights are really getting very hot for us dogs (its not too good for the humans either), so we all went to the beach front for dinner. There were lots of people out walking along the sea front, however the temperature was well over 30 C even late night. In fact I do not think it dropped much below 30 C all night. 
This morning by 7 am it was in the mid 30's again on the balcony, so I think I will have too take it easy and spend my time in the shade under the human kennel on wheels and a little sunbathing on my favourite sun-lounger.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Wow its hot.....

Summer has really arrived and its hot. I am glad my people took me out before 7am for my morning exercise, but even then running about made me very tired, in fact I had to go and sit by Mrs Stop'it for a good old yawn......
This morning at 9.30am the temperature on my balcony was 30 C and by midday the thermometer was heading up in the high 30's. It was definitely a case of finding a cool hiding place and "let sleeping dogs lie"

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Stop outs !

Now this is getting a bit of a habit!  The last two days my people have been out either in the evening or at lunch time without me....... Last night for instance they never came back until 2.00am, and I had to stay up and look after all the garden and house. What is more when they got back they did  not bring me anything!  At least the day before the Mrs's of the house brought me back small tasty meatballs.
Now guess what?  They are off again this lunch time and I am not being included! If this continues I have to think of something..........
Yes I know I'll bark all night, that will "screw them up" they won't be up and out the day after if they are awake all night!

Friday, 10 June 2011

We went to visit Pal....

Yesterday we all went around to my mate Pal's house. Now I know all of you know just how much I like my visits to Pal, but I have to just remind him just who is boss !

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Its the Mrs's birthday !

Thought I had better mention its Mrs Stop'its birthday today because if I don't I might not get taken out later.
I will not say how old she is but needless to say in doggy years she would have already past her 9th birthday, so add a bit !!! 
I am not sure what humans do for birthdays, but I think the master is planning an evening out tonight, the trouble is I don't think I am invited worst luck. Now I've also been looking around the place for a birthday cake, but no luck so far, ........................................gee I'm going to starve!!!!!!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Yes, we have no bananas

Well the master is still planting the trees and plants we got yesterday from the nursery. I don't know why he bothers? As I said I certainly don't need trees and I can't eat the fruit off the trees we already have growing in my playground. Besides what self respecting dog would eat pomegranates, apples, pears, plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, grapes, asian pears, persimmons, figs, or cherries. Let alone all the veggies.....

oh yes and despite it growing well  "we have NO bananas yet"

What we do need is a few chickens in the garden, now I can eat those!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Another trip out.....

As I was saying off we went again. Now after the boring shopping trip I thought we would be off somewhere interesting this time.  No, I was wrong we ended up at a nursery and my people bought lots of plants and several trees.....
Don't they realise I'm a girl dog, I don't need trees !!!! 

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Twice in one day!

We were out early again this morning, but I was ahead of them in the blue tin box waiting. It was off to the beach then to the shops for the Stop'its food rations.; and was I glad we left early....its hot. When we got back home our way in was blocked by two tin boxes workmen had parked in our lane whilst they carried out some work on our neighbours house.  A few loud barks and I sorted them! Indeed our neighbour actually ran from me......(haha)

Mind you I think my people tried to fool me, as they unloaded the goodies from the tin box and closed the rears doors. I just knew they were off out again as Mr Stop'it had not changed into his old clothes.  I jumped in through the drivers door open window and laid low.  Sure as eggs they reappeared and got in the tin box. Mrs Stop'it did not see me hiding in the footwell at the rear, but Mr Stop'it did! Still he let me stay, so I was off again!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Out for early breakfast

It was an early start this morning and a nice long trip in the blue tin box on wheels to Kardamili. On the way I was allowed to run on the beach as there was no one about to tell us off! When we got to Kardamili my people stopped at a taverna and had breakfast......what did I get, left overs!  Uh, they can keep it, I'll go without.....
Later on we went off to see friends in a small village near Stoupa, so I was on my best behaviour despite demolishing most of the blooms on their geranium with my wagging tail. (whoops)

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Yippee I'm home!

We moved off quite early in the morning and we were heading home....yippee.
This time Mr Stop'it decided to drive without a stop over in Patra, so it was going to be a long day. When we arrived home and I saw our black gates I was so pleased I nearly wagged my tail right off! 

I think my people were tired though, as the kennel on wheels was left connected to the tin box and they both went to rest a while.  I just fell fast asleep where I was!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Back in my homeland

Well at last I am back on Greek soil. Our ferry docked very late in the night and my people had planned to stop at a restaurant on our drive home, have a meal and camp there for the night, but it was too late. As there were some "unsavoury" characters hanging about the port trying to get free passage illegally, (the cheek of them, all illegal and no passports I bet. Woof,... and the UK government are worried about letting me into the country!)  Mr Stop'it headed south, mobile kennel in tow. 

We pulled off the road into a small church area and parked up for the night. ( I hope the bells don't keep me awake)