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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Meeting new friends

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What an eventful day I had today.  My people had to go out to Kalamata and I was allowed to go along as well.  Now often when this happens I either get left in the car or accompany the Guv for a walk around the park.  He often stops and speaks to other humans, but am I allowed to make conversation with other canines, oh no!

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This time however it was different. Off we went to the yacht club and when friends of my people arrived they brought their dogs as well.  I met a very nice big black dog called "Scooby", I liked him.  Then later I also met a big collie type dog called "Taffy", we got on OK and he was very nice to me but I had to explain to him I was to remain boss lady!

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I also met up with another canine (in the picture above), he was sad and had no people to look after. At our first meeting on the road below we did have a few cross words, but later he came upstairs to apologise, so all was well.

Oh yes I almost forgot I also met a little black poodle in the marina cafe with some Greek people. We got on well and I was sad to see her leave, as I wanted to play.....mmmmm not allowed to though!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Don't wake me up, I'm tired

Not a lot to tell you about over the last week or so.  It has been quite cold, windy and raining most days so me and the Guv have not been out much.  He went out alone the other day though.  Uh... left me and the Mrs at home.  I hear he has had a bad toothache.  Not sure why though, he never crunches any bones like me!
Why is it though that when I get to fall asleep late at night, he always wants to wake me up just before HE goes to bed........can't they leave a sleeping dog lie?

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Blow me down.....

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Well the walk on the beach this morning was a bit "fur raising" to say the least, in fact I think the Guv was trying to get me blown away! Over the last few days we have had very high winds again and a bit of rain so I've been staying inside. In fact its been so windy the Guv has tied the trees in the garden down with rope!
Now many of you will know I am not too fond of water, be it in the "rain room" or on the beach so it was quickly back to the tin box on wheels for me.  Mr Stop'it tried to get me to go back on the beach, but I was having none of it....I just sat down in protest!