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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The "pup" next door

I can't recall if I told you that one of my human neighbours a few weeks ago got themselves a puppy to look after them?  I went and introduced myself to the new baby when he was only four weeks old and I also allowed my people to donate one of my collars to him.   Not a bad looking bundle of fur for a kid, I must say. and quite well mannered.   The problem starts when 
they become teenagers and think their generation invented "serve and protect". Wanting to be out on the town every night barking mad, and chasing cars, not to mention trying to run after felines!
Anyway, Rex (as the humans call him) arrived at my gate this morning so I invited him in for a play around; not that he was much fun but I guess he is still far too young, in fact I'm old enough to be his Grandmother! (mind you I don't feel it)

However as you will see from the photographs pups grow up very quick and Rex is nearly as big as me. Now thinking about that and thinking about the future I needed to lay down some ground rules, after all I was here first! Then giving things a second thought I need to make sure I remain friendly with him as in a year or so he'll be big enough to eat me!
So he had the grand tour of "Villa del a Rosie" 

Mr Stop'it even gave him some of my meaty strips, as if he needed feeding! Now as long as he remains a visitor and leaves my food bowl alone I don't mind, in fact it will be fun to have another canine around the place and given the size he will grow to perhaps he'll be able to keep some of these street urchins away that come around at night to pester me..............

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Indoor loo.....

Well all the presents have gone from under the tree now so not much to sniff around. Last night was wet and cold so my people invited me into their kennel again upstairs. Now as long as I stay in my basket they don't mind. I was thinking however how lucky they are to have me and not my friend Pal, who would definitely had "pee'd" up against this tree by now.
Odd these humans putting doggy toilets indoors though!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Playing "hard to get"

During our beach walk this morning I met this quite nice looking dog.  I think he was a stray like I once was as he had no  necklace and name,(you know the sort of thing humans give you when they think they own you). Anyhow we had a bit of a chat....
I think he was quite interested in me really so I thought I would play him along a bit.  Now as you know it does not do us girls well to be free and easy on your first date, so I think I'll keep on on the hook a little bit get !
Oh I am a tease..........

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas to all my human and canine friends all over the world!

As you will guess my day started as normal with a run on our local beach here in Greece. Over the last week or so I have been allowed to sleep in my peoples kennel upstairs

 (as normally I'm only allowed in the basement), by doing so I could see that all my friends living in the UK and some other parts of Europe have lots of "the white stuff". Here we are very lucky, a warm day around 18 C on the beach this morning. The downside was I was made to wear a red collar with bells, and horns! Now I ask you?  Thank goodness my mate Pal did not see me. However one thing about Mrs Stop'it she said " if you wear them, so will I !"
So after the beach run it was back home and as you can see I got lots of presents. The presents have been under the Christmas tree for the last three weeks, and I have very tempted to get my teeth into them; but being a well trained dog I waited until they were given to me today. The good thing was the majority of them I could eat !  I know Mr Stop'its mother and sister bought me some of these and they came all the way from the UK in the mobile kennel my people bought when they went there earlier this year.

One thing I found out in opening my presents from Mr Stop'its sister is that she certainly knows how to try and stop a dog from getting into them! No shortage of cello-tape in South Wales I can tell.....
My people opened their presents also at the same time, its OK 
for them they have much bigger paws than me and the top paws do not have to do the walking like mine hence the end bits have not worn down like mine and they can get the cello-tape off!  In the end Mrs Stop'it helped me though.

Now with all this paper hanging around my sitting area on the balcony I hope she cleans it up before my mates come around.....

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Play time...

One good thing about living where I do is that I have lots of different beaches to visit with my people and early in the morning when I get to go out in the "Green Meanie"  Mr Stop'it drives to lots of different locations.  This morning we went to Bouka beach, I like it there because not only do I get to run on the sand but opposite there is a big forest type area where I can go and search for new smells.

Now as you can see there is also a children's playground and as it was so early with no kids about I kept watch whilst Mr Stop'it played!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

I'm in trouble AGAIN !

I actually do try to be a good dog, but sometimes it just fails!
We set off early this morning, as we do most mornings, to the beach for my run about. My people vary the beaches we go to so I am never sure what to expect. The other day we went to a beach near our house that has lots of woodlands near it and I could run about in the woods and chase birds etc. It makes a change from getting sand between your paws. 
Anyway back to this morning. We ended up at the beach just 3 kilometers away from our home, lots of sand and pebbles and behind the beach there is lots of farming land. I took off and ran up the beach like mad, Mr Stop'it will let me go so far but often will whistle me to wait for him, or run back to him. Anyway today I got "the scent". I found a glorious pile of fox poo....and Mr Stop'it did not see it !
Now if you know anything about us canines its in our make up from hunting days to always try and hide our scent so we can creep up on pray, disguised etc. So thats why we role about in the fox smells great.......
Guess what?
I don't think humans agree !!!!!!!!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Yαμημένο του κρύου......

It might not be "lady-like" but its true! (For those of you who understand my native language).  Last night was one of the coldest nights so far this year. In fact Mr Stop'it allowed me to come in the upstairs house and sleep in the new basket they brought me from the UK on their last visit, gee was I glad. If I had been male it would have been enough to freeze my b#*@'s off!  Thinking of that its probably a good job my mate Pal had his removed, unless they probably would have dropped off last night!

Monday, 6 December 2010

The mobile kennel

Now as I was saying earlier when my people returned, behind the tin box on wheels they had this mobile kennel thing.....well they have just finished emptying it.  I tell you these housekeepers of mine have some strange ideas, they bought yet another table and chair set (they already have three!), boxes full of eatable goodies (that I'll never get to taste), garden whirlygig things that Mrs Stop'it puts her clothes on in the garden (don't know why she wants to show the neighbours her clothes!), a white tin box that seems to cook the humans  clothes after Mrs Stop'it has washed them, even more tools for Mr Stop'its garage, some giant garden pots (now if I filled them with water I could drown those pesky cats in those!), metal dolls for the garden with wings on (told you humans are odd!) but most important was lots of packs of treats and food for ME !!!!!! 

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Yikes......its the vet again!

The morning started like any other morning for me. Around 0730hrs I started banging on the front door of my peoples kennel to let them know its was time to get up and out with me!  Mr Stop'it arrived out first (as normal) and after our "greeting" I had my morning brush down and a bit of breakfast.
Once I know the Stop'its are going out in the tin box on wheels I have to make it clear to them I want to go as well........
So off we went to the beach for my morning run about, then it happened....we arrived at the vets!  Well I thought to myself, I don't feel ill, I know all my vaccinations are up to date, so why are we here? Now going to the vets for me is like you humans going to the dentist, its OK waiting in the waiting room, but the site of the chair (or in my case the table) makes me want to run!
It was however all to no avail and I need not have worried, Mr Stop'it went there to collect the results of my blood test (which were good) so I can now travel in and out of the U.K. with them....Yippee have passport will travel !!!!

Friday, 3 December 2010

I've never seen this white stuff !

As I was saying my I heard my people telling friends they were lucky they left the UK and headed back to Greece when they did, even so just look at the white stuff they came through on the way back.
Now being a Greek thoroughbred mutt (so I'm told by Mr Stop'it), I've never been able to play in the white stuff, as since I was born we have not had any snow fall in this part of Greece, although some of my canine friends say there are snow field where humans go skiing in northern Greece.  It all looks far too cold to me!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Just where did they go?

Now as I was saying the Stop'its went off the to UK and left me behind!  This time they drove all the way there and back and brought yet another "kennel on wheels" back with them. Only this kennel was full of furniture and other bits and pieces, along with some food for me! 
I have heard them say that they were very lucky to leave the UK when they did as on the way back they encountered lots of snow and had to go the long way around as they could not drive through the Austrian passes.  Well serves them right is what I say....especially leaving me behind!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Their back (and so am I)

Now I bet you all wondered where I had got to and missed my blogs.............
Well you see the other week Mr Stop'it took me around to see my friend Pal, and left me there !  As I have said before I get looked after extremely well by Pal's people so I don't really mind staying with them but it would be nice to be given a bit of a warning my two were going to clear off again, and this only a few weeks after they went without me the last time. When I am with Pal we get taken out nearly every day early in the morning for a long walk in the fields. When we run about we often see men shooting and out with their dogs who chase the birds into the air.  I'm very good at that too, but I was not allowed to take part.
In my next blog I'll tell you what the Stop'its got up to on their holiday.......

Sunday, 31 October 2010

The fox is back

Sometimes you just give in with these humans! Over the last few nights I spent time telling them the fox was back in the area and hanging out in an old shed next door to us. Did they listen?  NO!
The other day it rained, did I care, no....I kept watch on the fox and got soaked, but again did the humans come and sort it out... did they heck. I just got told off for being a "mutt" and staying out in the rain.
Well now they believe me......
Mr Stop'it came out the other morning as I was barking at the fox whilst it sat in the field, and he actually seen it.  He went next door to warn the Greek people to take care of their chickens at night because of the fox......but he learnt it was too late......ALL DEAD.  (the chickens not the Greeks!)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Local "runway"

Well I guess I have to admit Mr Stop'it seems to have had a good job done in the garden, at least it means I will not have to get "my undercarriage"  wet and dirty when I run down to the gate to see whats going on!  Odd though I don't think he made it big enough because once it was leveled he kept watering it, I think he wanted it to grow...odd these humans!   Now talking of undercarriages we are not too far from the local airport, I wonder if he can rent it out as well for landings?
Actually I think he had it done just in time as just after he stopped watering it over the last few days we have suffered nothing but rain, rain and more rain.

Monday, 25 October 2010

A mess in the garden !

On our way back from the beach the other day on passing through the village a man called out to Mr Stop'it from the Kafenion that I recognised as the person who sometimes visits and does odd jobs for my people. I could not hear exactly what was said but when we arrived home Mr Stop'it parked the "Green Meanie" outside the gates on our neighbours spare land.......odd I thought !
Later that day I found out why, a very noisy giant truck arrived with some men my people knew. All of a sudden the truck was very sick and out of its "rear end" came a heck of allot of grey wet stuff....I was amazed, Mr Stop'it going to have a job picking all that up.....let him ever moan about the little bit I do !!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The "Mean Green Road Machine""

As I said in my earlier blog Mrs Stop'it has her own tin box on wheels now, and as you can see its fitted out for me to ride in! As I tend to get rather sandy when I come back from the beach my people have "Rosie proofed" the rear seats, as they say. Its not quite as comfortable as the blue tin box, but it is easier for me to see through the side windows, and to get my head out and sniff around. In fact I don't mind what we ride in, I just LOVE riding in cars.....
I have to humour Mr Stop'it when we get ready to go out, I am not allowed in the tin box until he tells me. He always opens the doors and makes me wait before giving the command to jump in. I think he likes to believe he is in control of me.....ha ha, thats what he thinks !!!!!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A whole week away......

I stayed at Pal's house for a whole week before my people returned, and had a grand old time.  Pal's people call me "Rosie Rottweiler" , now I wonder why ?
Unlike my house I can watch people and traffic on the side road, so anyone that passes I always let the humans know, I think they appreciate it! Ever since I have been going to Pal's house I have tried to teach him how to make sure the humans know when there are other humans about, he now has the idea and joins in barking with me each time, we make a formidable duo.

The Stop'its arrived to collect me late Saturday afternoon, apparently they had to make a quick visit to the UK and of course I am unable to go there with them....I like Pal's people, but I'm glad the Stop'its are back! 

Monday, 18 October 2010

A surprise holiday

All of a sudden there was a lot of phone activity by my people, something was up. Then I seen my food dish and grub loaded into the back of the "Green Meanie" and I was off to Pal's house.
(I'll tell you more about Mrs Stop'its "Green Meanie" on wheels later)
As we arrived Pal was at the fence and let out a load bark when he seen me, soon we were playing together in the garden. Mr Stop'it disappeared almost immediately, but I was not too concerned as Pal's people look after me really well. Each morning we go out for long walks in the woods and fields nearby; its great to have someone to run about with!  Another thing is when I am at Pal's I get extra treats from his "mum" because she bakes lots of cakes, but don't tell Mr Stop'it because he seldom allows me human food! 

Monday, 4 October 2010

I'm dog gone tired.....

I had a really busy day !  First we set off for our run on the beach (and Mrs Stop'its sit down!!), then it was off to the local village for a food "top up" before setting off back home.  Now I had just settled down for a "dog nap" and my people were up and off again.  Sometimes I get left behind, but this time I heard the rattle of my leash so I knew I was invited too.
Now once I get to certain locations I tend to smell where we are off to, and on this occasion it was Pal's house.
The humans sat, drank, talked and ate whilst Pal and I played in the garden. As time went by we too got hungry and Pal's dinner arrived. I was a bit trouble that my people did not seem to have brought my dinner dish with them, so I was very relieved when Pal's mum produced a dish for me.  Dinner with friends, what could be better?

Sunday, 3 October 2010

My own beach house....

It may be October but out here in Greece many days are still very warm, especially for us dogs. Yesterdays temperature reach 30 C again, so I often have to look for some shade and a cool drink.  The trips to the beach, now I am allowed again are no exception, so I have found my very own beach house!
So each day when I get taken to the beach Mrs Stop'it can sit in her chair in the sun and read her book, Mr Stop'it and I can walk up and down the beach so he can practice his whistle blowing (that he always expects me to listen for) and I humour him by doing different things depending on the number of times he makes a noise! In saying all that when I get fed up I just will come here to my new beach home and let them carry on playing.....

Friday, 1 October 2010

Woof woof its 1st October !

Well its the 1st October and that might not mean much to you humans outside Greece, but to us canines here it means "freedom".  I'm now allowed back on the beaches for my run every morning. So this morning the "Stop'its" were up and out with me on the beach near our home. It was good to have a sniff about at all the fresh new smells and a real run about......
Afterwards we went to Petalidi so my people could buy our food, Friday is market day so there are a lot of stalls and people about, this time I was not allowed outside the blue tin box on wheels, but with my head out of the window I could bark at anyone I did not like !

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Damn good job I buried those bones!

On our outings over the last week or so I have seen far less trucks to bark at through the window of the tin box on wheels. I have heard humans talk about the truck strike but never really gave it much thought. So what ? Fewer big wheels to quash my poor stray canine friends must be good! Now the other day my people went to top up my food supply and "Shock & Horror" the shelves are bare......
It appears nearly all the supermarkets have run out of fresh items and now even tinned food, toiletries and most basic lines have all gone. If these truckers think this action will change the Greek economy they should come and pay me a visit......I'll bite their ass !!!!!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

I think the main part of summer is coming to an end out here in Greece. We have had virtually no rain since late March so a few showers last week were very welcome, or so the Stop'its say !  Well if a few showers make humans happy then last night they should have been ecstatic...

Last night someone certainly upset Zeus....I lay awake on my sofa on the balcony as lightening bolts lit the night skies all over the mountains and the Messinian coast line. Of course this was followed by massive bangs of thunder....thats the bit I definitely do not like. Fortunately for me my people brought the big plastic curtains down so the rain and wind was kept out but I still get a bit afraid.

Now as I have learnt how to open the door by jumping at the handle on the door to the humans kennel I thought it better I check they were not afraid as well

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Big Game Hunter !

After a normal start to the morning Mr Stop'it was off to the garage and out came the gardening tools. Now over the years I understand the garden has improved as it was once meadow land and all overgrown. Now we have flowering shrubs all around the perimeter, lots of fruit trees and a veggie plot (that is fenced off so I can't get in!).

So the plants get water in the dry summer months my people have put down "magic rain tubes". I have to be very careful as sometimes when I'm on guard duty in the night it starts to "rain upwards"........gee that makes me jump as my undercarriage gets wet!

Anyway all this water makes the grass around the trees and shrubs grow so Mr Stop'it has to get out the "motorised whipping stick" that cuts all the long grass down. The other day he quickly stopped the machine and picked up a pebble with legs !!!

I'm not certain what all the fuss was about but Mrs Stop'it was all maternal over it.........odd these humans!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Visit to the Car Rally

As I promised yesterday I was going to tell you something about the FILPA Rally here in Greece. This was the 39th International Rally and started in the town of Nafplio (see my earlier blogs, because I went there!) over three days the drivers covered 600 miles with many trials and constant speed test driving to Gerolimin & Sparti. The final prize giving evening is here in Kalamata on Saturday.

There was a whole mix of cars taking part but I was confused on what the Greeks class as vintage and what my people say is the difference between vintage and classic. One of the cars taking part was a Triumph Spitfire and I heard Mr Stop'it say he once owned one, does that make him "vintage" too?

I know this BMW was one of the cars my people liked the most, well I guess it is a bit ostentatious to have a Rolls Royce over here in Greece. I was allowed to have a good sniff around all the cars before they started off and several people spoke to me as I was the only dog there! The problem was Mr Stop'it would not let me get in any of the cars to go for a ride. 
We had lots of photos taken of the cars as they left....well I think it was for the cars not for the girl in tight red trousers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a while I got a bit tired standing watching all this and I slipped out of my harness....gee I got told off for that!  Then one of the girls at the start line with tight red trousers starting talking to me....I think Mr Stop'it was jealous because after that he took me to sit down at the taverna with him.  I did get a well overdue long drink of ice cold water though whilst he and Mrs Stop'it had a frappe............

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Rolls-Royce of a dog....

My people were up and about early this morning and I just knew something special was going to occur.  Now the problem I have is making sure they realise I want to go with them as well !  As it happens I did not have to worry, as when I see my yellow cushion in Mr Stop'its hands I know I'm included in the outing.  You see in the "blue tin box on wheels" I'm given a cushion to sit on which also allows me to reach the  window so I can get my head out and have a good sniff about as we drive through places...
Well we all went to the jetty in Kalamata (I thought we were going to buy smelly fish), but instead the Stop'its took me to look around some very old cars.  I'll tell you tomorrow what this was all about, meanwhile I decided on the one they could buy me ! (Its in the photo)..................

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I went shopping.......


Normally when I get taken out I am allowed to run and have a good sniff around the fields or beaches. The latter is of course still out of bounds to us canines until the end of the month but I do get to have a wander around the harbour at Petalidi some days. However I was most surprised when after my outing the other day I got put on the leash and taken into the town shopping with my people.

Whilst it was only shopping for "human" type food I was able to have a good look around so I thought I would share with you on the next two blogs a picture of the places I went to.

Todays photo is of the harbour ( I can wander in the grass in the foreground freely), if you look at the back you can see the market stalls that come to town every Friday and set up right along the sea front.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ho nuovi amici umani

Being an extremely smart dog it did not take me too long to work out these people were from Italy and to get the hang of their lingo. I also found out that the canine that looks after them is called "Jack" my people said he could come a visit me next time they come to see us. Unlike me though I heard Jack is a poor traveler, and unfortunately for me I understand that despite having his own "luggage" the bags come empty.

Just my luck again !!!!

Well the human chat went on for ages, so I went to sleep.....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

We have guests.....

Now after all that activity Mr Stop'it starting laying the table on the balcony (this means food!!), so clearly they were not going away as I originally thought. Later that morning I was awaken from my mid day snooze by some humans and their car at the garden gate. I alerted the household, and ran to see them off. However "Dad" Stop'it came to the gate and let these people in.....I had never seen them before though. Once they were out of the tin box I gave them a good sniff and could tell they had a canine friend that looked after them also. Thats always good news as this always means they will like me.
Now the male visitor spoke a totally different language to mum & dad Stop'it and it certainly was not Greek (you see being a bilingual dog I understand more Greek than the Stop'its!!), and every so often the female visitor broke into this language also.
I need to find out more about these people............

Monday, 13 September 2010

Busy, busy, busy......

The Stop'its were up and about early today. I was given my normal morning brush down, fed etc. and then both of my people started doing lots of tidy up things.

Now I always get very worried when I see this sort of action because sometimes it means they are preparing to go back to Britain, and that means "without me"! As you know when they do I go and stay with Pal and although his people are very kind and look after me very well, I love my Mum & Dad Stop'it.

Mr Stop'it was about with the "sucker-upper machine" that always eats up the bits of food I leave on the floor for later. Despite attacking and barking at it as it hisses its demented gobbling tones, it continues to consume my food bits with relentless hunger each time it appears. Actually I don't think Mr Stop'it can control it as he always seems to be pulling it back towards him when it runs forward!

I'll let you know what happens..............

Sunday, 12 September 2010

I got stuck !

Now once I was on that table I am sort of stuck, especially with Mr Stop'it holding me. At first the lady dog doctor listened to my chest and heart beat through some plastic tubes she stuck in her ears. Next she got some sort of a spying tube with a light in it and stuck it in my ears, then worst of all the final humiliation she wanted to take my temperature and stuck it up my a@#!

Now I ask you why take a healthy dog like me to the dog doctors?

Thinking it was all over I then spied the dreaded needle and glass tube thingy......yep I got stuck with it!

Gee was I glad to get off that table. What totally confuses me is that Mr Stop'it actually pays good money to have me put through all this pain and humiliation. I'm beginning to believe he is a masochist!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Its THE table!

As you now know I'm always up for a ride in the blue tin box on wheels, so yesterday morning off we set and headed to Messini. First stop a deserted end of the beach where I could have a run around with Mr Stop'it. Next onto Lidl for my weekly supply of food, and then we drove into the town centre and Mr Stop'it got me out of the tin box and put me on my leash. Now I immediately knew where we were! Near the dog doctors!!
Well a year ago I did not mind going there, but after "the op" I am no longer so keen. I sat down and demonstrated on the pavement outside, but to no avail....I ended up inside! Now the dog doctor lady is very nice, but once I'm put on the "cutting table" I'm none too happy. What was it going to be this time?

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Yes, I knew it !

Well I was right! The morning started normally, brush down, food and sit outside on the swing hammock with Mr Stop'it. Now after that he normally disappears to the basement to read his E Mail, but this time he called me into the upstairs human kennel area. You will remember I am normally not allowed in there, as I entered I seen he was in the room that houses the "rain room"! I am wise enough to know its pointless running, so I gave in and entered the rain room peacefully. Truthfully I know I needed a wash down as Pal and I had been playing in the dust allot over the last few days.
Really its not too bad as Mr Stop'it takes great care not to get soap in my eyes and I can get my own back when I get out of the rain room and shake water everywhere!!!!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Time to go home

The other morning I heard the Stop'its talking on the phone to Pal's people. Now as much as I would never dream of listening in to other peoples conversations you humans do talk very loud. It transpired that Pal was to go back home sometime after 4.30pm that day.
So in the afternoon Pal and I sat and waited for their arrival. Pal was quite sad to go though, and now I've been left on my own again. You see as much as I like playing with the Stop'its in the garden they do not let me bit their necks and hang off their ears like Pal does.
I overheard another comment between the Stop'its too that day, they were planning a visit to the "rain room" for me !!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Dinner times

Gee can Pal eat!
Mr Stop'it normally gets my dinner ready some time between 6-7pm. In the summer time it is better to eat a bit later in the day when the temperature has dropped. Often I leave a bit of food in my dish for the "night munchies", but I could not do this with Pal about. Walk away from my dish and he's there cleaning it out!
Now when Mr Stop'it gives us dinner he always stands between us and watches us both (I think he got this habit because I always stand and watch them if they eat outside just in case they drop a bit of food on the floor as I have to clean it up for them to keep the place clean!). Once I have had my fill I leave the rest for Pal to finish off.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Dog tired...

As I said it was sure a hard night. Once we both had been brushed and fed in the morning by Mr Stop'it we had our normal run about and play time. Mr Stop'it has some obsession about us wanting to play ball or throw things away and expect us to bring them back to him, only for him to throw them away again! We've "cottoned on" to that one so we tend to just ignore him, he soon gets fed up having to get them himself and leaves us alone to play fighting games between ourselves.
We watched the person called "donkey lady" by the Stop'its tending her crops and I had a good old bark at her, Pal just watched. You see I always bark at her as she carries this big stick she sometimes hits the fence with to annoy me. Now if only I could get over that fence at her !!!
But we needed our sleep time to be able to enjoy another night of tormenting, so rest in our arm chairs was required.......

Friday, 3 September 2010

Oh what a night......

Now if it were a bit later in the month I could have entitled this "Oh what a night, late September back in ......."
(music maestro please!)
Well I think we excelled ourselves last night, but I do not think Mr & Mrs Stop'it, especially Mrs Stop'it were too thrilled with us. You see around 1 in the morning three village mutts (dogs) decided to come and annoy us at our gates. Pal and I ran down to the gate (as the photo shows) in the dark and had to see them off. Well it was not easy or indeed quiet. The whole canine village joined in what we were doing! This brought Mr Stop'it out and he seen them off, but he just does not understand we are only protecting the boundary. For my thanks I got tied up on the balcony, but Pal did not. That was a lucky break for us, as Pal could still run off and see what was happening and report back to me.
Well around 5am it happened again, and as I could not get loose, I woke Pal with some very loud barks (he sleeps really deeply), and sent him off to sort it. This time Mrs Stop'it came out, gee I was in for it! Was she mad........So all three of us ended up in the basement until sun rise.
I think I'll have a long kip today and keep out of her way.....