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Friday, 28 November 2014

Just say NO !

Sniffing around a bit over the last few days I detect humans baking lots of good tasting human food.  Now some of you will know that things like raisins and other dried fruit are poisonousness to us canines, but not all my friends are as cautious as I am when they eat and they don't stop to think.....they just devour!

So in today's blog I am going to ask all my human readers to be extra careful in the lead up and during this seasons celebrations. 
Even if your well loved pet begs saying NO is the kindest thing to do..


L I N K 1

L I N K 2

L I N K 3

Monday, 24 November 2014

Its all over.....

Well I guess there are not going to be any more holidays this year for my people and me as the Guv has put the human kennel on wheels back in its storage position.  Mind you the Guv has a very clever toy that makes the human kennel move on its own.  He seems to have a load of these magic boxes as he has one for the electric picture box, one for the cold air blowers in the house and even one that opens and closes the metal gates to my house.  I bet if he could get one to make me work and do things he would !!!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Don't get stuck !

I told you yesterday about our visit to Gaia Rescue Station over at Stoupa and the Gaia dog I had a chat with but I forgot to show you a photo of her.  The problem was the humans would not let me in or her out of the compound so we had to have a chat like some of you humans do "over the garden fence"...or that is in our case "under the garden fence" !

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I could be a "rescue" mascot

Quite a long day out for me today as after my morning beach run-a-bout my people went to Stoupa and met some friends for breakfast.  I know they liked me because they told the Guv they always read my blog.  Mind you during breakfast there were a few pesky felines trying to muscle in......soon sorted those I can tell you!  Even so the Misses had the cheek to feed them some of her sausage and bacon pieces in front of me!  I'll get my own back on her, next time I get muddy feet I'll run around her kitchen.

So after their breakfast we went to Gaia (a voluntary rescue organisation that does excellent work in the area) as the Guv had a piece of equipment to donate to them. The Guv had a good look around but I was far more interested in a young dog they had there and of course the fire tenders.  I liked the red one the best, it was just like the "poppymobile".......

Monday, 17 November 2014

Was that "dear" or "deer"

As  I have said a few times before being Greek I do find this English language rather difficult to master. On our way back from the human food market yesterday the Guv looked at the Misses and said "We'll feed dear on the way home".  As he never calls the Misses "dear" I thought mmmmm he's getting soft, and also as you will understand I thought he meant they would go somewhere to eat.   W R O N G !!!!

We end up looking and feeding these strange creatures that the Misses seems to like and I learn that they are called DEER.  Then I get to understand the the male deer is called a STAG, the female deer a DOE, the young are FAWN and male young are referred to as BUCKS.

Now up until then I thought DEER is what the Guv always tells the Misses something is when she buys new clothes, a STAG was what the Guv had before his life changed for good, DOE was what he always said he never had enough of, FAWN was just a colour or what I done to get to stay with my people, and a young BUCK is what the Misses dreamt about !

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I thought I was being sold!

Two beach walks in one day, today!  As normal I got taken out for the beach walk on the local beach but then the Misses said " Off to market" Panic, I did panic I thought she was going to sell me !!!!!

I need not had worried as it was just off to the human food market where my people bought a few things, you know the sort veggies you humans eat.

However my luck was also in as the Guv and I went on the beach at Kalo Nero.  I had been there a few times before, in fact we all stayed there once in a human kennel for a few days on holiday.

The Guv also bought himself this smart clock for the kennel the "poppymobile" is kept in,  I think it's just because the Misses keeps saying he spends too much time in that garage!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

To day there are no words........

Monday, 3 November 2014

I'm saying nothing