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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

They're back.........

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They're back, the monsters!  
This time eating up all the corn around our house. 

Let me tell you the Misses will not be happy about that as I heard her saying that she needed some cornflour and I know that is what should happen to the corn the farmers are growing around here.  Now it's too late, all eaten by the monsters.........

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My history lesson......

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I have just returned home from a whole day out in the poppymobile with the Guv and Misses. The first stop we made was in a village named "Montguyon" and we stopped to have a look at this castle.

The Guv said it was first built in 1082, then rebuilt by the English in the 13th century.  Later in 1451 Charles VI chased the English out in a battle.  I was told also Henry IV & Louis XIII stayed there, must have been a bit chilly for them as most of the windows have been knocked out !

Sunday, 27 September 2015

He nailed 'em

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The Guv's been "at it" in the family room, by that I mean he has been 

hammering nails in the wall to hang the family photographs.  The problem is there is one very important person missing......ME !

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Village people...

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Nice ride in the poppymobile today for my people to go shopping, on the way we also had a look around some of the villages near where I live.  This is Chilac.

Thought I'd better let the Misses have her photo as well....

Sunday, 20 September 2015

It's finished

The Guv has at last finished the rainroom and what an international rainroom I now have!  New tiles and toilet from France, washbasin, stand and cupboard from Greece and the bath from the UK....with a new window, as the old bathroom had no ventilation or window I think he did a reasonable job.....(well for a grocer anyway)

Now how am I going to get in that bath?  mmmmm lets see if I can push this stool a bit nearer to help me !

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Yeh,yeh we're out !

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It was up early for the morning walk and then off to Angouleme this morning for the Guv & Misses, and I was allowed to go as well.  As I understand it the Guv had to get a new French nameplate for the "Rover" and as he appeared to be quite happy I think all went well.  Now I have heard of the "Irish Rover" 

(Click the red link directly above to see what I mean)

but I've never heard of the "French Rover"

Nowhere to go...

Well it's been a boring two days, apart from my early morning walk around the locality and a trip in the poppymobile to get the humans a bread stick I've been NOWHERE!

The Guv has been busy STILL building the rainroom and a few other things around my pad.  Hopefully tomorrow will be different.....

Monday, 14 September 2015

It's a Cyclops......

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The other day I wrote about monsters, today its Cyclops!  Yes the Guv is at it again and I had to keep watch on what he was up to.  It appears the eyes of the Rover (don't know why he calls his car by a dogs name) needed replacing now we are in France.  As I understand it apparently the Rover's new eyes will now, at a flick of a switch, become cross eyed to the right.  Still don't know why the Guv had to take all it's nose off before he could pull it's eyes out though! 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pride of place....

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Some time back you may recall I showed you a painting the Guv had a lady in Greece paint of me on a roof tile.  We believe the tile, that came from a tumbled down church is well over 100 years old  (that's even older than the Guv!).  Well it's been given pride of place on the fireplace in my new home in France. 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

It's a monster !

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There I was minding my own business, sitting quietly in the garden (well actually I was watching a rather cute spaniel opposite), and this MONSTER appeared right up against my garden fence.  I had to immediately go and sort it out and let my people know it was eating all the sunflowers and spitting out the stalks from it's rear end!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Home at last.....

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I'm home at last and in our absence the builder has nearly finished the patio outside the lounge.  Well in fact he has finished as it's now down to the Guv to lay the slabs.  I feel the Guv's backache coming on!  Meanwhile I'll just sit here and sunbathe.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wrong & right !

Well after leaving the Guv's mum's house we stayed the night in a Campanille, not the best place I've stayed in I can tell you. The Guv said there was not enough space in the room to swing a cat (and I'd like to have done that!).  The following day we set off for the tube under the sea again, on our way back to my pad in France.

At least here my people got it right.  A night at the human kennel the Guv always uses when he is in France.  What's more they have got to know me !

Sunday, 6 September 2015

We're off again

The stay in Hereford was very short, in fact only for one full day, the following morning we were up and off, this time to see the Guv's mother. Now I had been to Barry a few times before and knew she always welcomes me......

......this time was now exception and she gave me some human biscuits to eat (the Guv seldom gives me such treats).  Meanwhile the Guv spent some time showing her photos from his family history research, one was of her cousin who she had not seen for over 70 years! 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

...and now to Hereford

After leaving the Guv's relatives in Norfolk we were in for another long drive, this time to Hereford.  Now I have been there a few times before but this time I was to be treated to a two night stay in yet another human kennel.

Now you know the song about a "Little White Bull", well in the middle of the town centre is a blooming big black bull!  I gave it a quick bark but I guess it was dead scared of me because it stood there frozen still.

We then met some of my peoples friends at this garden centre,  I was allowed to sit outside with them whilst they had coffee and talked, but pesky wasps attacked so I had to escape to the poppymobile whilst my people continued their food inside.....

Thursday, 3 September 2015

More visits.....

So a good nights sleep and it was off to see more of the Guv's relatives, this time in Norfolk.  Now I have been there before and it was these people who were staying with the Guv and the Misses in Greece when I was taken in.  

I think I might have told you previously in some of my blogs that the Guv's uncle (in the photo) used to breed and train top notch gun dogs in his younger days.  I wish I had been around then, I'd have shown his "top notch" gun dogs just how good a hunting dog a Greek mutt like me can be !

My kennel for the night

After we left the Guv's relatives in Essex I was "plum tuckered out", all that attention I was getting wore me out!  I was very glad when we arrived at the human kennel the Guv had booked, not too far away.

As you can see it was not just a human kennel but a place where humans go to thrash little white balls around with sticks. (bought back some horrible memories that did for me, I used to get thrashed by humans with sticks in my early life in Greece before I found the Guv and the Misses). As normal I was allowed inside (I always bring my own bed), and had a good nights sleep.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I'm related as well....

After the frustrating delay at the Dartford Tunnel the Guv headed off to meet up with some of his relatives he had not seen for over 20 years. This was my first visit to Essex and I am pleased to say that they all welcomed me into their family, so I guess I am now related as well......