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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Woof, woof HIC........

Give me the wine !!!!!!

The other day a friend of the Guv's sent him a photo of a beer tap with a drink called "Rosie's Pig" a cider made by Weston's Cider in Hereford.  Now the Guv had not seen that one (obviously named after me), but he did know they made "Old Rosie" another cider.

However not only have we ciders named after ME...but there is a real ale named after a distant cousin of the Guv, called "Fanny Ebbs" made by the Tring Brewery...(Google it and see the story)......

Mind you I much prefer a nice glass of the red stuff myself !

OK, please give me the wine!!!!!

mmmmmmmmm  !!!!!

that was finger licking good!

On a serious note Rosie only gets to taste a drop off my finger...
REMEMBER   alcohol is poisonous to dogs.........

Monday, 27 January 2014

Radio control?

Now I know the Guv has some odd ideas.  Last night we stayed up to listen to a radio show from Wales hosted by a friend of his, it was rather late here and passed my normal bed time as we are of course 2  hours ahead of UK time. Mind you it was interesting and amusing as the DJ was being set up. Most of the requests made were for "animals", all the idea of another one of the Guv's friends. 

Mad ideas you human have, but all in a good cause as apparently it will raise some money for the human cancer charity.  I'll put a recording of the programme below as I had a special request played for ME   19 minutes into the show

Sunday, 26 January 2014

My friend "Scruff"

As I was saying yesterday on my trip with my housekeepers to Kalamata the other day we stopped, as normal for me to do doggy things at what my people call "Airport beach".  Quite some time ago this is where they found a load of puppies hidden in the rocks.  This time however there were no puppies (thank goodness) but I did meet another canine, I called "Scruff"

Probably a bit unfair of me really as it was not his fault his people (if he has any) do  not really look after him that well.  Mind you we did have a good play about even if I did have to guard my rear end most of the time !

Saturday, 25 January 2014

I found a best friend......

I thought for today's blog I would tell you about another friend I made on a visit to the beach nearby, but I think I will do that tomorrow now.

For today I want to set you in the mood before you meet him.......

so I invite you to listen to......

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

I'll get him on the run....

Now I guess there is only one way to stop Pal getting too close to the Guv, and that is to show him (yet again) just who is boss around here!

Let me tell you he is no match for for the "F1 Rosie Dog !"  

Monday, 20 January 2014

Something has gone wrong!

OK, so my mate Pal has arrived at my pad for a few days whilst his housekeepers have a holiday, but something has definitely got to change!  He has not only taken over my place with the Guv but as you can see seems to be getting the better sleeping quarters! 

He gets to sleep inside in the warm, on the sofa

....and I'm outside on the balcony!

Watch this space, its time to sort this out.............

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Howl, Howl I said.....

So there I was fast asleep last night and I heard this noise on the balcony outside.  As you know us canines have to protect our housekeepers from danger and intruders so up I got to have a good sniff near the front door.

Sure enough there was something out there!  I barked and barked and finally the Misses woke up...howl...howl...howl..  I said. God these humans never listen to us dogs.......

Once let outside I got it!   

Then I get told off..........there's no pleasing some people

The Misses then woke the Guv up, he was not that pleased either as he had to go outside and rescue the dumb bird, who by now is sitting proudly on the balcony railings...(see I never really hurt it)

Mind you that will teach it to come inside our balcony screens and try to steal my food......

Saturday, 18 January 2014

I'll get him.....

Once again there has not been much different in my abode since New Year. Good early morning beach walks but not much else, however tomorrow my mate "Pal" is coming to stay for a few days so I will be able to pester him and have fun biting his ears off!
You see when he is not around I have to make do with sorting the "Guv" out!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Understanding us dogs..

Well there has not really been much happening to blog about recently.  Like normal days start with the beach run-a-bout then sometimes a drive out in the "poppymobile" or "little grey Greek tin box".  The Guv and the Misses took me to their favourite taverna yesterday where I can sit and watch other humans play tennis, but apart from that all is very quiet for me.

Oh, by the way I know lots of you that read my blog also have a canine that looks after you and I heard the Guv say that this site he was looking at the other day offers some of the best advise on doggy care he has ever seen.......

I had a good look at it also and have to agree with him.  I noted it also is produced by the Dogs Trust in the UK, I wish we had such an organisation in Greece to look after my less fortunate canine friends.  I think they have 100% the correct approach to "never putting a healthy dog down" and they never let you take a dog until they "vet" you humans making sure us canines are going to get well looked after.  Even then they follow up with a check to see all is OK.

Whilst you are in their web site have a look at what they do, perhaps you can support them........

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Just another day.

Just another day I guess.  Got the Guv up good and early so I could go out on the beach walk, after all I did let him have a very long lie in bed yesterday until at least 0800hrs!

Well the house is all back to normal after the humans had their party, my food dishes back in place as it my sun lounger on the balcony.  Hey I forgot to tell you all I now have my own "pet", a hedgehog.  Does not do much though just wants to sleep all day in a hole near the fence.........  

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year....

Well the day started with the Guv and the Misses moving all the furniture about again!  When that happens I just know something is being planned.  It normally means lost of people are coming to visit me or we are going away on holiday.  This time it was party time!

My housekeeper had invited some of their British friends and some of the people from the village to join us to welcome in the New Year.......

Now not really being  being a party animal I kept out of the way most of the time, especially when the Guv opened the sparkling wine with a bang, and the humans let off party poppers........I even made myself a bit scare when the villagers were dancing and one started playing the clarinet making very loud Greek music, but I guess all the other humans liked it as there was lots of clapping.  I just don't think you humans realise just how loud the sound of 16 people chatting together sounds to us dogs. Mind you I decided to make an appearance when the wine was being shared so I could have a small taste, I'm only aloud a few licks of the Guv's fingers because he says its bad for me........ummmmm  I think its because he wants it all for himself!

So a New Year starts, and I wish all humans everywhere health and prosperity (mainly so they can buy lots of food and look after us canines)....and to all my canine friends I hope the New Year ensures you have a safe and food filled future.........