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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Having a "Ferry Good Time""

Igoumenitsa was quite interesting for me as there were quiet a few homeless dogs around. I remember when I was homeless and hungry so I allowed the Guv to give one of them a bit of my meat. Saying that I had to keep them at bay a bit in case they thought they could come on holiday with us as well!
The last time I went on a ferry we had the human kennel on wheels with us, so we stayed in that. This time however my people had reserved a cabin and I was allowed in as well, gee I was glad they remembered my bed so I did not have to sleep on the floor.

On the deck some Ozzie woman came and spoke to the Guv, she asked if I was a "seeing dog". Now I thought she meant a SEA Dog, but I guess by what the Guv said she meant Dog for the Blind.  These Ozzies are silly, cos' if the Guv could not see he would have a white stick not a white dog!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

I'm off as well.....

Well after lots of worrying it looks like I am off with my housekeepers to the UK and their tour of Europe. The Guv has made a pretty comfortable pad for me in the Picasso, I even have my own special seat belt.  Now just how do I bark in Italian, German, French & English !

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hey, leave room for me!

Well the whole thing started when I observed a lot of unusual activity around my pad. Now normally when this happens it means the "Stop'its" ( you will remember from earlier blogs how I worked out the humans last names) are off and away and I get to spend time with my mate Pal and his housekeepers.  Not that I mind staying with him, but it would be more fun if the Stop'its took me with them like they did last year when we all went on a tour of Italy.  I had great fun putting my head out of the window of the "blue tin box on wheels"  (uh, they call it Picasso......let me tell you its no oil painting !),  and barking at all the foreign dogs. 
Mind you I was none to keen on the bath tub they sailed to Italy on, so if I do get to go with them I hope the "Guv" pays out more than 5 Euro for the trip this time. 

The Italian ferry company should have renamed the ship
 "Pasta its best!"

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Please, Please, PLEASE

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How come all you humans get the best tasting things in life? After a hard days work (or so he says!) the Guv normally sits down and has a glass of the red stuff.  Now I know a good smell when I find one, and this smells good.....

Really the Guv is quite bright for a human, saying that he is not much good at sniffing out lizards or frightening the post-man away and just why he is taking so long to learn the language most of the other humans communicate in around here beats me.  However he has got the nack of this doggy telepathy.  So now how do I get him to understand I want the full glass not just a "lick of the barmaids apron!!!!"

Monday, 7 May 2012

He got me !

Yesterday was certainly "wash day" for my housekeepers and besides the "Guv" washing down the tin box on wheels, he got me too!  Tricked into the rain room I got a soaking and a soaping.........but later that afternoon I got my own back getting good and dirty again chasing lizards through the garden.  I don't understand though why my housekeepers get upset with me for doing that, I don't actually eat them, just sort of separate them out a bit.  

Its the doggy version of "Heads & Tails"

The Guv said the photos are far too graphic to show you though !

Friday, 4 May 2012

All to myself .....

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Despite now being May and technically I'm not allowed on the beach the "Guv" knows some very good beaches near our house where virtually nobody goes, especially early in the  morning.  The only problem with that is I do not get to chase little old Greek ladies in black or Greek children !!!