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Friday, 30 April 2010

Friends for life.......

As time went by Pal and I became real good friends, I even let him share my sleeping basket in the basement. Now like lots of couples one or another have things that can really annoy. Pal says I snore, and I think he eats too much.

On the latter I had to be very quick eating my dinner because if I took my eyes off my dish he was in there eating my grub! . One day my people gave him a dental bone, now one of those concrete looking bones lasts me weeks, he crunched his and it disappeared within 10 minutes! Time went by very quickly but Pal's people did not come on the day originally planned as the male human he looks after needed a few more days to recover from his operation. I hope he can stay with us for good....................

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Time to rest.......

I think I told you that us dogs were not permitted in the upstairs area of the Stopit's house but we are allowed in the basement. Yehhhh!!
So after a hard days play Pal and I used to sit on the sofa and watch television. (Thats us with Mr Stop'it)

We are very lucky really as not only can we watch Greek TV, but we can also get some UK TV through the satellite Mr Stop'it put in. My favorite programmes are "Lassie" and "One man and his dog", but I could sort those sheep, out far quicker for the BBQ than they do!!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Dirty or what ?

You may remember me telling you that my people dig lots of holes in the garden and plant trees but I was not allowed to dig. Well when Pal was here with me I could blame him !!
We had lots of fun digging when the Stoppits were not looking (as you can see), we did get a bit dirty but this added to the fun !
Pal and I chased about the garden for hours each day, we could play "rough and tumble" and I used to bite and hang onto his neck & ears...... We also could play ball but the big ball Pal managed to burst, now I could not get that ball into my mouth, and in a bite or two Pal did..........I'm not saying anything....................

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Pal comes on holiday

Pal arrived with his people and not only did he bring his food bowl and food he also brought his "comfort blanket". Now I ask you what a thing to bring, whimp or what? Thats him behind me on the balcony. I suppose I had to allow it as he was only still about 9 months old.
Anyway I gave him a good tour of our home, except the upstairs bit where the Stoppits won't allow me in, saying that HE tried it on and tried to get in! Wow that was soon sorted by both my people and his, I told him, but he did not listen!
It soon became time for Pals people to leave him, I actually felt a bit sorry for him as he cried at the gate as their car drove away and I remember how I felt when the first people I looked after "dumped" me. This was however different as it was only for a short while and he would be going home when Mr Rottweiller got better...... so to take is mind off things we played games, lots of games !

Monday, 26 April 2010

Summer....this is the life !

All through summer the routine was pretty much the same. My people always took me out in the morning and most days they spent time doing human sorts of things in the garden. Now I have just over an acre to run about and dig holes in, but for some reason whilst the humans dig holes when I do it I have my name shouted at me...." Rosie Stoppit ! " Well I should not complain too much they do plant trees in the holes they dig and my mate "Pal" loves trees for the obvious reason. I decided to take it easy and sunbathe.....
Now talking of Pal just after summer one of the humans he looks after had to go to into hospital for an operation. I am not sure of their name but when I stayed with them they called me "Rosie Rottweiller", so I guess it must be Mr Mrs Rottweiller.....Anyway as Mr Rottweiller had to go to hospital my people volunteered to look after Pal......we had some great fun, I'll tell you about it tomorrow....

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Getting into a routine....

With all the worries of having puppies out of the way, and my operation scar healing really well, days with my people started getting into a great routine. Each morning Mr Stoppit would get up about 0730hrs and come out of his kennel; now as the nights tend to be very long hard work for us dogs making sure no ones about and foxes etc stay out of the garden, I am always really pleased to see him. I always roll over so he can tickle my belly (I love that), then I get brushed down and fed.
Once Mrs Stop'it appears we go off to the beach for my morning walk. Thats me and Mrs Stoppit in the photo taken last winter on the beach. Here I can have great fun, and I intend to make the most of it as us dogs are only allowed on the beaches in Greece from October to May, then the humans demand them for themselves !!!!!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

I've lost it ! (the bonnet)

It was to be another three days before the bonnet was removed for good. Now I was able to have a good look at what happened down there. I heard the Stop'its tell people I had been spayed; now I thought they meant "sprayed" because as I said before Mr Stoppit sprayed me with aluminium spray on my underneath each was OK really because it stopped me itching and protected my stitches.
But I soon found out what they meant! Oh well I guess I will not have to have the worry of having pups and dogs chasing me (mmmm I was looking forward to that fun!!!!)

Friday, 23 April 2010

I think I've lost something........

As I was saying I thought we were going to the dog hospital and I would be able to have the cone removed for good ....WRONG....
Instead I was put up on the table my underneath embarrassingly
exposed and the dog doctor (Maria) started to cut and extract stitches from a bit of me she had sewn up on my last visit when I was I thought "hang on a minute, something could fall out here!!!" Little did I realise there was nothing left to fall out,
it had already gone !!!!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Coned..............or conned?

I had to wear this ridiculous hat for two whole weeks, however after a few days Mr Stop'it did take it off at dinner times for me which of course made eating much easier. The main problem I found was that I used to forget I had it on. When walking about all too often I would suddenly be knocked back as the cone hit the edge of the door frame.....ouch!
Another problem was I was not allowed to run up and down the stairs. Now as where I live the main kennel is up a flight of steps and the basement kennel is down a flight of steps from the ground level that was an issue. I had to wait for Mr Stoppit to carry me up and down, most inconvenient for me! Then the day came to go back to the dog hospital, to have my cone removed............or so I thought!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I'm a groggy dogie

Well over the next 24 hours I felt really pretty groggy. Mr & Mrs Stop'it took turns in staying with me 24 hours a day and I was allowed to sleep in the basement area on the sofa. In fact they stayed with for the whole week both night and day.
Now I was not too keen on the Easter bonnet they had bought me. For one thing how's a dog supposed to lick her bits clean with this on her head, in fact it was also difficult to eat sometimes, but great fun if you wanted to scoop mud up in the garden! Another thing I was not too keen on is that twice a day Mr Stop'it sprayed my belly with silver aluminium, I think he wants me to audition for the "tin dog" in the Wizard of Oz....or was that tin man? No I'm sure there's a dog in it as well.................

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Its all for the best Yeh !!!!

Truthfully I do not remember much after the needle in my front leg, the next recollection I have was that of a dream in which I was running and running to the people I look after. I could hear their voices, but I could not get to them. It was an awful dream, and when I really woke up I was just so dizzy and could not stand. Now I really wanted to go to the toilet and a made several attempts to get up, I fell about the place but with a bit of help from Mr Stoppit I got out into the garden............ohhhhhhhh relief !

Monday, 19 April 2010

But I did not feel ill...................

We had our normal trip to the beach and afterwards we stopped in Messini. I was taken in to a "dog hospital", now as I said I did not feel ill, and before the Stop'its left for the UK they had me checked out and given the normal dogie injections for the nasty things we can get out here. Why am I here I thought?
I met a very nice lady vet, called Maria who examined me, listened to my heart and took my temperature (I did not like where the thermometer went I can tell you!). Next she shaved some of my tummy and a bit of my leg. Now I am not a whimp so I tolerated yet another needle being put in my leg, and she left it there taped in....
Whats going on I thought, I've heard about us canines being put to sleep and never waking up again !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Just when I thought life was good..........

I soon began to realise that by "playing my cards" right I was going to be OK here with these people. For the first time in my life I had plenty of food to eat, I had my own bed and chair and I could take life easy, lazing in the sun on the balcony overlooking my new domain.
Now I must tell you I did earn my food. I made sure that all the cats and other dogs in the village stayed well away, in fact I did the same with people until it was made clear to me by the Stoppits who was allowed to come into our garden and kennels. The good part of the Stop'its kennel is that from both sides of the balcony you can see for miles, so nothing gets passed me!
Now whilst I was taken out most mornings in the blue tin box on wheels one of the rides I was given was to change my life for good...........................

Friday, 16 April 2010

Kennel full of toys!!!

Now what did surprise me was when my people started emptying their kennel what came out of it. There was lots of human type house things but also there were loads of things for me as well! I had a new food bowl, new collar & lead, a dogie duvet and a dogie basket to sleep in and lots of different types of dog food and treats. Now as the food came from Britain there was some I was not keen on, I don't know why these British people think us Greek dogs want to eat foreign food, you think they would learn from their human Greek counterparts that only Greek food is good....... wouldn't you?

But all this must have meant I WAS STAYING WITH THEM !!!!!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Their back..........

Some time in early September my folks turned up to take me back home, I was really pleased to see them and so was Pal, I think he was pleased to see them to get rid of me!
Anyway my chair, cushion and food trays were put in the big blue tin box on wheels, I said goodbye and a big thank you to Pal's people and off we went.
Imagine my surprise when we got back home, they had brought with them from Wales a giant people kennel on wheels!!!!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Time passes quickly....

I was with my mate Pal (thats him in the picture) for nearly nine weeks whilst the Stoppits were in the UK. The people Pal looks after cared for me very well, and I had a great time, despite Pal trying each dinner time to "nick" my dinner! I have never seen a "pup" eat so much.....
Anyway I heard Pal's people talking about my owners coming back soon and collecting me; now as much as I like Pal I am looking forward to some peace and quiet back in my own home. Little did I know what the Stoppits had planned for me !!!!!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Where do I start?

Now the first thing I thought I needed to show him was how to tell his folks when anything passes the house. We soon got that sorted, he learnt very quick how to bark with me at everyone and anything passing! Now for that lesson Pal's folks decided to call me "Rosie Rottweiler", now why was that I wonder?
I was also going to show him what we dogs do to cats, but he has a cat friend in the house called Charlie, and besides the fact Charlie gave me a few scratches I was told by Pal we had to leave Charlie well alone. So no fun there!
Pal also had lots of toys to play with, I liked the stuffed doll the best, he used to call it "Roger", but he tore it in half and now its Arfer............(arfer Roger!!!)

Monday, 12 April 2010

He's gone !!!!!!

When Pal and I had tired of playing in the garden we went to have a drink of water, and guess what? Mr Stoppit was nowhere to be seen, he'd gone and left me !
Now I did not mind being left here with Pal's people because I knew they would look after me well, but Pal kept teasing me, saying the Stoppits had "dumped" me and I was not wanted. I got a bit upset at first and rebelled by biting his ears......
Actually I decided I was "on holiday", I just knew the Stoppits had to go back to the UK for a few weeks and were unable to take me because I did not have a passport. Pal's people were great, every morning we went out for a long walk in the fields, and in return I decided I should teach this "young pup" how to look after his people !!!!!!!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

I think its my turn to visit

Now it was just as well Pal and I got on OK because one day I went for a ride with Mr Stoppit in the blue tin box to Pal's house. I thought it quite odd that Mrs Stoppit stayed at home and before we left my master loaded the car with MY chair, cushion and loads of food.
I had not been to Pal's house before so when I got there I had a good look around (thats us in the photo), now there was not quite as much garden we could dig up as at the Stoppits but we certainly could try and make a mess of Pal's owners nice veggie plot!!! Whats more Pal had a pet of his own, a cat called that could be fun....................

Saturday, 10 April 2010

A new friend.............

One day just after lunch time a small dark blue tin box on wheels appeared at the big black gates. The Stoppits seemed to know the occupants and let them in. Now to my surprise when they got out of the car so did a big young pup. I say young, as he was only about 7-8 months old, but he was already three times bigger than me. Now as much as I like visitors I am not sure if I want pups staying with me, I had to check this out!
We quickly sized each other up and I had to show him just who was the senior and who's living quarters this was. As he seemed good fun to be with I showed him around "my land". Truthfully we had a great time, we chased and rolled about, I think we are going to be good friends..........

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Learning English.......

The days ahead were great fun, often I was taken to the beach by the Stoppits and as it appeared I was going to be allowed to stay and look after them, I thought I'd better start playing doggie games and pretend I liked obeying their wishes.
I had one major problem with this of course, they kept telling me things in English! Now as all us canines know we are far more intelligent then humans, we hear better, see better and can smell better........So I listened and learnt most of the English words I needed to respond to. In fairness often the Stoppits would speak to be in Greek, I guess I am now a bilingual dog!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I was pretty glad to get out of the vets surgery I can tell you, even though he gave me a clean bill of health. I did not like being stuck with needles. I guess it was for the best though, you see if I'd had some of the nasty diseases dogs can get out here the Stoppits would not have been able to keep me and my life would have been put to an end!
So it was off in the big blue tin box again, head in the wind and home...... On the way we stopped at the beach and I had a good run around in the sand, and when we did get home I was given a squeaky orange ball by Mrs Stoppit. Now you may not believe it but I had never had a ball before, and I did not know what to do with it. The Stoppits kept squeaking it and throwing it away, so I took it off them and ran off in the garden with it. If they did not want it I'll keep it for myself !!!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hospital ???????????

Now as much as I liked the car ride I did not realise just where we were going. When we stopped in Kalamata I was taken on the lead to a veterinary surgery. Now whilst I have never been to one before I have heard tales of what goes on in them. There were some really sick dogs in the room, and as I was not sick I found it hard to understand why Mr & Mrs Stop'it brought me here. (I hoped with all my heart they did not believe in euthanasia)
When it was our turn to see the vet man, I was put on a table by Mr Stoppit and the vet gave me a good looking over. He stuck some needles in me and took some of my blood, then seemed to pump some stuff into me (I think he was replacing what he took!). Anyway I was declared fit and healthly (Yippee)....He even gave Mr Stoppit some kind of book with my test results in and he gave me a nice white plastic collar.
I think these humans are going to care for me...................

Monday, 5 April 2010

The first car ride

The following day Mr & Mrs STOP'IT (as we know this must be their names) went out in the "blue tin box with wheels". Now my next challenge is to get them to take me out in it! I never had to wait very long for that.
The day after I was allowed to go out with them, I was in the car like a whippet I can tell you. I must say I really like riding in cars, especially with the window open where I can have my head out in the wind. Its great fun barking at the big trucks as they pass by on the other side of the road. Odd though, the STOP'ITS also seem to like it, as every time I barked at the trucks, they joined in and calling my name out loud "ROSIE STOP'PIT!"

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Winning over the humans

So I had to win over these two. The best way I thought at first was to use the "oh ain't she cute" pose. Now whilst I would never roll over on my back in front of a fellow canine, I was told humans think of it as sort of sweet, and I do like my belly tickled anyway. This seemed to work pretty good, especially for Mrs blond human.

Now I had another problem to sort out, I did not know their names. Some time back I was told that humans normally have two names, and when they get together the female human normally takes the last name of the male human. This also occurs when they have a family, so I now have become part of their family and my first name is ROSIE, virtually each time Mrs blond human called me she would use two names.........Yes I worked it out,
I was ROSIE STOP'IT !!!!!!!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Think I'd better stop this now.......

I gave a bit of thought as to what could have happened to the two older humans, they had never disappeared before, they always came back together! No matter what did happen I decided I had better start to behave extremely well as I could be next !

So I stopped planning my
"Great Escape"

I had to start to win over BOTH of these humans and I know just how to do it !

Thursday, 1 April 2010

I was planning my escape!!!

Well I spent the whole night alone and whilst that was by no means the first time, it was the first time the humans had not returned to their kennel. The following day I woke, ate some of the food they had left and planned my escape. I remember hearing about the "Great Escape" some humans made in WWII so I decided to start and dig a tunnel.
However whilst digging in the afternoon (it was far too hot to work in the morning) two of the humans reappeared in the blue Citroen. I think they had taken the two older humans to the hills and dumped them !!!!!!