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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Guv knows everyone !

So there we are in a small town called Aubeterre-sur-Drone, the Guv parked the "poppymobile" and woof, woof up come several Morgans.  Now some of you will know the Guv has owned three Morgans in his time, and yes he knew the people, all the way from Gloucestershire (they call the centre Spot Mog after the Gloucester Old Spot Pig). In fact the Guv & Misses were instrumental with a friend of their's called Debbie Isles in naming the centre!

A day later and we went off to another town nearby called Chalais to see a parade of cars that were driving through the villages & towns on their way to the 75th anniversary of the Le Circuit International des Remparts d' Angouleme. (getting good at the French thing for a Greek mutt aren't I ?) 

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