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Monday, 17 November 2014

Was that "dear" or "deer"

As  I have said a few times before being Greek I do find this English language rather difficult to master. On our way back from the human food market yesterday the Guv looked at the Misses and said "We'll feed dear on the way home".  As he never calls the Misses "dear" I thought mmmmm he's getting soft, and also as you will understand I thought he meant they would go somewhere to eat.   W R O N G !!!!

We end up looking and feeding these strange creatures that the Misses seems to like and I learn that they are called DEER.  Then I get to understand the the male deer is called a STAG, the female deer a DOE, the young are FAWN and male young are referred to as BUCKS.

Now up until then I thought DEER is what the Guv always tells the Misses something is when she buys new clothes, a STAG was what the Guv had before his life changed for good, DOE was what he always said he never had enough of, FAWN was just a colour or what I done to get to stay with my people, and a young BUCK is what the Misses dreamt about !

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