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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Not happy !

My people and I  were on our way to Kalamata this morning as the Misses had to be at the tooth doctor quite early and on passing this gateway the Guv noticed a big parcel.  Now the Guv suspicious as he is realised parcels don't get dumped in gateways like this, especially boxes with holes punched in them.

The poppymobile was swiftly turned around and to our horror our worst fears were realised.....YES, more puppies dumped in a disused gateway at the side of the road.

Our friend who looks after so many stray and unwanted canines was contacted and he came to collect them. All the puppies are sick, and one was dead.  I get very angry at humans who treat my kind like this, I want to see them put in boxes!  (photos taken by our friend)

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  1. animal abusers should suffer exactly what they did to them