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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

In BIG trouble.....

I got into BIG trouble yesterday after the morning walk!  The Guv decided to take me up this path through the groves to the old church near us.  Well that was all OK, but when we went back down to the "poppymobile" a Greek canine in the back of a pick up truck decided to bark abuse at me....
I'm not having any of that I thought, so took off at a pace of knots after it. Chased it all the way to the beach and gave the mutt a piece of my mind!
The Misses and Guv were not too happy with me though as they had to drive to come and find me......           never spoke to me all day !

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  1. Now now Rosie you know you shouldn't run off like that...and then barking at a mutt....not ladylike at all... but still you are loved and if you are a good good girl you may have a treat...