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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Driving home for Christmas

I must say I'm real glad to be back in my French home tonight. Our journey started off in the sun in Greece but in Italy things got real tough as you can see. The "poppymobile" with the Guv driving and towing a heavy trailer full of goodies proved just what a 4x4 can do.

Mind you we were stopped for about an hour as the snow built up around us owing to trucks 
getting stuck and being abandoned. 

The Guv just kept on going

......and going

mind you my people decided not to try and get into the service station 
near the Frejus looked a bit blocked !

... but were mighty glad to get to the tunnel entrance, many did not and scores of trucks were stuck out in the snow overnight.

Me.....I stayed warm in the "poppymobile"

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