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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Its a boar

Some of you will know a long, long time ago when the Guv was young he went to college in London just around the corner from Smithfield meat market. Well when there he studied some sort of useless human things but also spent time taking part in studies of meat pricing and that was far more useful for when he has to sort my dinners out!

In any case he was telling the Misses about the parade of Butchers that occurs each year at this time.  You see this year is the sixtieth anniversary of the revival of this arcane tradition which has its origin in 1343 when the Lord Mayor, John Hamond, granted the Butchers of the City of London use of a piece of land by the Fleet River, where they could slaughter and clean their beasts, for the token yearly payment of a Boar’s Head at Christmas.

When the Guv was there the boars head was real meat (now that's what would interest me), however today because of stupid human health & safety laws the butchers have to parade a plastic head.......I wonder if it squeaks if I bite it?  

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